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Posted on November 15 2017

MSI GAMING motherboards are designed to deliver maximum performance for hardcore gamers and PC enthusiasts. In this article, we will show you why MSI GAMING motherboards, and the Z370 GODLIKE GAMING in particular, are able to deliver world record breaking performance. A combination of renowned motherboard R&D design, using industries best components and clever OC features is just the start.


1. Optimized for 6 core processors
2. Load-Line Calibration design
3. 18x DrMOS power phases for GODLIKE
4. GODLIKE holder of the 6-core CPU Frequency World record

Chapter 1: Optimized for 6 core processors
To maximize the performance from the Intel® 8th Gen 6-core Core i7 and Core i5 processors, all MSI GAMING motherboards are optimized to deliver maximum performance, no matter how extreme the conditions are. With a large number of premium power phases, all MSI 300-series motherboards are strengthened by essential elements for better optimization:

Fully digital PWM design specifically for 6-core processors

A fully digital power design allows for faster and undistorted power delivery to the CPU at pin-point precision, creating the perfect conditions for CPU overclocking.

More power phases and military class components ensure the most stable experience and highest FPS

MSI applies Military Class components on the motherboards. These high quality components are shielded for the best protection to make sure your system runs smoothly under the most extreme gaming conditions.


Chapter 2: All MSI Z370 motherboards support LLC

What you set is what you get. LLC makes sure your CPU voltage remains 100% stable under any load and extreme overclocking conditions. This greatly improves stability when demanding more CPU performance.


↑ All the MSI 300-series motherboards feature LLC function in the BIOS, which means you can enable it in the BIOS easily

When overclocking, especially for a nice 24/7 overclocking condition, always be sure that the LLC setting in the BIOS of your motherboard is turned on. LLC can really help you get a few 100MHz more out of your system while improving stability when overclocking. However, in terms of overclocking in general, LLC should also be used more carefully. Some motherboards and configurations might overvolt the CPU in some cases, degrading the CPU quicker when going over certain voltage limits (also depends on the cooling used). On the Z370 platform, LLC is more important than ever since we are now greeted with 6-core CPUs demanding perfect power delivery at high speeds.

LLC makes our lives easier, just find out for yourself and give it a try!
*In case you want to know more about the Load-Line Calibration, you can check out this article:


Chapter 3: 18x DrMOS power phases for GODLIKE
To maximize 6-core processors performance, Z370 GODLIKE GAMING, MSI’s flagship model and the most extreme Z370 motherboard available, features an incredible 18-phase PWM power design for the extreme performance for PC enthusiasts, overclockers and hardcore gamers. This amount of phases is needed for World Record performance. You can see its design in the image below.

↑ Z370 GODLIKE GAMING adopts an incredible 18 DrMOS phases dedicated for the CPU

Z370 GODLIKE GAMING combines MSI’s premium PCB design with 16 DrMOS phases for the CPU core and 2 DrMOS phases for SA. Compared to a more common 8-phase core design, Z370 GODLIKE GAMING extends the core to 16 phases to be able to not only deliver more power, but also divide them over more phases to lower the average wattage needed per phase, which leads to lower temperatures. This makes the Z370 GODLIKE GAMING motherboard undefeated for extreme overclocking sessions or great 24/7 overclocks, even during the heaviest loading operations.

↑The VRM temperature testing report from 3rd party media, you can see the big difference for the Z370 GODLIKE GAMING and others (lower is better)
*You can see more as below link:


Chapter 4: GODLIKE holder of the 6-core CPU Frequency World record
To put all these components to the test and show the out-of-this-world performance GODLIKE is able to deliver, our in-house overclockers set the World Record for the Z370 CPU Frequency, pushing the new Intel i7-8700K over 7.4GHz! And even on all 6 cores / 12 threads! From the launch of Z370, MSI truly shows its strength and dominating performance compared to others. This unbelievable high CPU Frequency was reached due to the unprecedented PCB design of GODLIKE and the addition of 18-phase DrMOS PWM power design. This record shows MSI’s dedication to deliver nothing but the best in performance for the Z370 platform.


Want to know about the most extreme Z370 motherboard? Check out Z370 GODLIKE GAMING video:




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