A gaming laptop with 120Hz/5ms built-in panel

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Conventional laptop’s built-in panel, even for gaming laptops, is usually a 60Hz one, meaning a refresh rate of 60 times per second due to 1Hz = 1 oscillation per second. This is unfortunate and, for some gamers, a downside of a gaming laptop.

A 60Hz panel only refreshes 60 times per second, effectively capping what you see at 60 FPS.

Gamers are not fully benefiting from the enhanced responsiveness of the higher frame rate, and may notice tearing as the display fails to keep up with the data feed to it.

Pic2. A 60Hz panel

Pure 120Hz Frame rate delivers blur-free action

V-sync is a common solution to tearing on 60Hz displays, as it caps the frame rate of most game at 60 FPS. But V-sync can introduce input lag and it limits the performance potential of a gaming notebook.

Pic3. A 120Hz panel

Many gamers find a game running without V-sync on a 120Hz monitor more responsive than the same game running with V-sync enabled on a 60Hz monitor.

So they need higher resolution monitors in extreme demand, as you might know 120Hz panel ones.

The 120Hz panel refreshes 120 times per second, this means frame rate refreshes images at twice the speed of standard 60Hz panel. This eliminates blur and brings life like reality to games and video.

Pic4. Slightly exaggerated picture courtesy of Eizo

Better responsiveness with Extremely Low Input Lag in game

Input lag, or the time it takes for commands from a keyboard, mouse, or controller to appear on the screen, can be the difference between hitting gamer target and missing it. It’s a big problem for some hardcore gamers.

A 120Hz display has less input lag than a 60Hz display.

World’s 1st 120Hz/5ms Gaming Laptop
Buttery Smooth Motion

MSI’s new 17-inch gaming notebooks will come with 120Hz/5ms panel.
Besides a 5ms response time, the 120 Hz refresh rate built-in panel produces up to 120 individual picture frames per second. The buttery smooth motion gives full advantages for gamers in winning.

if you're a gamer and you want the best monitor on the market today to play your games, MSI new 17-inch gaming notebook with 120Hz/5ms panel is best choice.

*This feature may vary by SKU and country.

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