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Hello Samurai! I believe that you're enjoying this game already, so here we provide quick guidance on hardware and detailed settings, which will bring you a more excellent game experience and performance.

Let us begin with choosing a decent graphic card or gaming PC. Here are our testing results of each graphic card on CP2077. If you are using an FHD 1080p monitor, the RTX 3060Ti Graphic card can give you decent performance even when playing RTX with ultra. For the QHD 1440p monitor, RTX 3070 would be a wonderful choice. At last, UHD 2160p monitor, unfortunately, even RTX 3080 would not bring the AVG. 60 FPS. CD Projekt promised to optimize the game performance, later on, so let us expect further good news.
Cyberpunk 2077
We recommend 2K resolution (monitors) for better quality and smoother experience.

Furthermore, you may notice that there are up to 24 graphic settings that may make you dizzy. Let us provide a quick and easy guide to you instead of deep diving into every setting and explain how they work.

CP2077 is meant to look cinematic, however, it will make the visual too blurry, and there will be a lot of picture noise everywhere. We suggest turning off Film Grain and Chromatic Aberration (by your preference), though it won’t get any performance improvement for the experience.
Cyberpunk 2077
(Turn off Film Grain and Chromatic Aberration to minimize blurry pictures.)

Second, whatever hardware you’re using, we suggest adjusting the items we listed below for better performance with just a little visual loss. Before you adjust the below detail settings, please set the Quick setting to RTX: Ultra. (The Preset will be changed to default once you adjust any detail setting.)

Crowd Density (In GAMEPLAY Category) Low
Film Grain Off (your choice)
Chromatic Aberration Off (your choice)
Depth of Field Off (your choice)
Lens Flare On
Motion Blur Off (your choice)
Contact Shadow On
Improved Facial Lighting On
Anisotropy 16
Local Shadow Mesh Qual High
Local Shadow Quality Medium
Cascaded Shadows Range High
Cascaded Shadows Res Medium
Distant Shadows Res High
Volumetric Fog Resolution Medium
Volumetric Cloud Quality Medium
Max Dynamic Decals Ultra
SSR Quality N/A
Subsurface Scattering Quality High
Ambient Occlusion N/A (RT Lighting)
Color Precision High
Mirror Quality High
Level of Detail High
Ray Tracing On
Ray-Traced Reflections On
Ray-Traced Shadows On
Ray Traced Lighting Medium
Lastly, enjoy this masterpiece and magnificent viewing experience! We believe that CD Projekt will keep on updating the patches to optimize the gaming experiences and game performance.

You can also check our MSI product as below accordingly for best experience.

Gaming Desktop:

For 4K/UWQHD gaming: Up to RTX 3080 – MEG Aegis Ti5 / MEG Trident X 10th / MEG Infinite X 10th
For QHD gaming: Up to RTX 3070 - MPG Trident AS 10th / MPG Trident A 10th
For FHD gaming: Up to RTX 3060Ti - MAG Infinite S 10th / MAG Infinite 10th
Cyberpunk 2077

Gaming Monitor:

For UWQHD gaming: MPG341CQR / MAG342CQR / MAG342CQRV
For QHD gaming: MAG322CQR / MAG272CQR / MAG274QRF-QD / MAG274QRF
For FHD gaming: MAG251RX / MAG274
For more information of MSI gaming monitor, please visit: https://www.msi.com/Monitors
Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projeckt build a huge Night city with stunningly street, buildings, densely crowd, not only the Graphic card bring the city alive, but monitors, let’s check out the video for MAG274QRF-QD quantum dot feature bring the city alive.

To lay on entertainment for our users, MSI will continue to update the latest news. Please follow MSI officials and check the product pages for BIOS update.

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