MSI redefined the Gaming PC, we didn’t only equip it with high end components and built to get high performance. It also comes with real Gaming DNA. Since MSI launched Aegis at the end of April, gamers are looking forward to MSI Aegis. And it did not disappoint! The MSI Aegis equips a lot of gaming features inside. Check out the main gaming features of this powerful gaming machine below. *Incredible and unmatched design with MSI Mystic Light *Supports full-sized desktop graphics card *Easy access to components *Customized cooling system – Silent Storm Cooling 2 *User friendly access I/O ports The above features are the top 5 feature of the MSI Aegis gaming DNA. In this article I want to highlight “Easy access to components”. Our MSI Lab research team surveyed a lot of data to figure out which component is upgraded more by gamers after a new game has come out. Ask yourself, which component do you want to upgrade if a new game has come out? Three, two, one. Ok, keep the answer in your mind. The answer is RAM Memory. The reason is easy, the RAM Memory is much cheaper than the other components. And after you upgrade the RAM Memory, the machine’s reading data speed and C/P is easily upgraded. So MSI created an easy upgrade solution for upgrade the RAM Memory and also a SSD. You can refer to the video below, and you will see what I mean. Only 6 steps to upgrade RAM and SSD. https://youtu.be/OQ8kNLax7kU Do you think this is the only easy access we build in? OF COUSE NOT! We also created an easy access to the HDD bays (2x 3,5” & 1x 2,5”), and easy accessibility for the graphics card. https://youtu.be/CsFiXPdWqTY https://youtu.be/VGgSn56OB5k We also made an MSI Aegis upgrade tutorial video for you. https://youtu.be/pSp3UA6EkGw Can you image that all those components are installed in only a 19.5 liters case. Crazy, right? (A traditional ATX case is more than 30 liters) Thanks for the time! Hope you liked the article, and please join the MSI official forum to leave any comments about our MSI Aegis. See you soon! MSI official forum: https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=269861.0