July 05, 2016 Enlightening experience: TWIN FROZR VI In this blog we're going to talk about something that adds some serious bling to the new gaming x and gaming z graphics cards.led lights on pc components are one of those little extra's that make life more interesting [...]
June 29, 2016 The feature you will like , Aegis easy upgrade solutions. Msi redefined the gaming pc, we didn’t only equip it with high end components and built to get high performance. it also comes with real gaming dna. since msi launched aegis at the end of april, gamers are looking [...]
June 15, 2016 The secrets of TWIN FROZR VI revealed With the launch of the new generation nvidia gpus, we’ve introduced our upgraded thermal design: twin frozr vi.“play hard, stay silent” isn’t just a new slogan, it’s a statement of what you as a gamer can [...]
June 07, 2016 No more being alone. Multi-user VR experience is on the way.  classic scene of a vr experience is one person moving the controllers in the air with vr devices. they immerse themselves in the virtual world but how long can you be alone in that world? human are social animals after [...]
June 07, 2016 Is it possible to run Virtual Reality on Gaming Laptops? No doubt, the answer is “yes”this question would have been brought up on the table to challenge a laptop performance on vr a couple months ago. but now, this is not at all a problem. why’s that? here [...]
May 27, 2016 MSI first to break 5000MHz memory clock barrier A true testament to 30 years of building the best hardwareto celebrate msi’s 30th anniversary and showcase msi’s dedication to continue to bring the world the fastest hardware, overclocker toppc pushed the z170i gaming pro ac to be [...]
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