November 30, 2015 Gaming experience sharing of Metal Gear Sold V – The Phantom Pain In 1987, the first metal gear had born as an military action-adventure stealth video game. this year the metal gear solid – phantom pain has published, which is the 11th gen among the series and served as the sequel of metal gear [...]
November 19, 2015 GT72S series comes with Super RAID 4 technology : amazing performance The solid state drive has greater performance, almost instantaneous data access, quicker boot ups, faster file transfers, and an overall snappier gaming experience than hard maximize the read- and write speed on the gaming notebook, msi super raid [...]
November 16, 2015 Why Real Gamers Choose Real Quad Core i7/i5 but NEVER U series CPU? Most of the gamers know that a gaming notebook must come with core i7 quad core cpu at first choice, even not a gaming notebook but a multimedia notebook should choose standard core i5 cpu to get better performance, and [...]
November 10, 2015 Why Virtual Reality Is About to Change the World With the final oculus rift coming out in early 2016, virtual reality starts to turn itself to a futuristic world! most people know the term of “virtual reality” but they might still be unsure about the applications of this technology. of [...]
November 06, 2015 DETAILED SETTINGS OF GAMING NOTEBOOK BETWEEN DIFFERENT PERFORMANCE GAP – Heroes of the Storm GRAPHICS TWEAK GUIDE  heroes of the storm is blizzard's long-awaited accessible moba, which features a cast of playable characters and maps drawn from its popular diablo, starcraft, and warcraft franchises.   the fps result of heroes of the storm is collected by [...]
November 04, 2015 Audio Boost 3: There's more in life than graphics Back in the day, a separate soundcard was required to bring proper sound quality your gaming system. nowadays, you can get a premium audio solution integrated on your motherboard. when choosing a certain motherboard, it is important to look further [...]
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