January 08, 2015 How to optimize your game stream Do you watch online game streams and wish you were a streaming celebrity? Looking to improve streaming video quality? Then be sure to read on because in this article we will help you optimize your online stream using XSplit Gamecaster [...]
January 07, 2015 Need more FPS? Try overclocking! So you fancy yourself a bit of gaming in your spare time. Spent a good amount of your hard-earned cash on your rig to make sure your FPS stays up while enjoying the latest eye candy. There’s a good [...]
April 08, 2014 Gaming is Anytime, Anywhere – nXa Gaming team interview Jakarta - Indonesia, Final MSI BEAT IT Gaming League just closed, nXa Gaming, one of MSI's official sponsored professional e-sports team, featured 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2CS:GO & Crysis tournaments in the most prestigious DOTA 2 events. Dedicated to support local [...]
March 27, 2014 MSI Afterburner video tutorials chapter 9 MSI Afterburner has quickly become the favorite overclocking software for media, overclockers and end-users. Because of its simple interface, it's easy to learn, but it packs a lot of powerful features like an integrated benchmark utility, multi-language support and control [...]
January 29, 2014 3K IPS Introduction & Benefits The high resolution 3K IPS LCD panel is definitely suitable for most needs of animation/design/gamers. More than that, its higher spec and performance will deliver much more detailed quality and exciting visual experience to the users.Resolution of 3[...]
January 22, 2014 Interview with the team captain of MSI-EvoGT’s FPS squad MSI-EvoGT was officially established on 19 March 2012 to serve as the brand representative of MSI in Philippines. MSI-EvoGT has achieved great honors in WCG and is now a fan chased-after eSport team. Here, we have an exclusive interview with the team [...]
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