GT76 Titan

(Vivienne Ke, Taipei) GT76 Titan, the best of MSI gaming laptops, promises to supplant gaming desktops as the ultimate gaming computer on the world stage. Living up to its title as the “Titan,” MSI's new flagship laptop has garnered the “Best Choice Golden Award” at Computex for its unrivalled performance. The laptop’s futuristic designs, both external and internal, provide a sleek visual experience that have awed users into adoration.
GT76 Titan

GT76 flagship supercar laptop dominates the world

The GT76 Titan is truly the best gaming laptop of 2019! The design pays homage to supercars alike in its impressive appearance, speed, and performance. GT76 not only replaces desktop; its sleek, streamlined chassis also heralds the emergent trend of gaming mobility. Using high-quality aluminum and cold grey coloring for the casing, the laptop resembles high-end supercars in its regal appearance, redefining the aesthetic of gaming laptops with its innovative use of carbon fiber themed textures.
The GT76's upper casing utilizes the principles of aerodynamics to create a streamlined design. Just as the logo reflects the unique spirit of each sportscar, the MSI's iconic dragon, emblazoned proudly on the lid, is the crowning feature that animates the entire laptop. The Titan, resplendent in its nobility and humility, is the epitome of understated luxury.
GT76 Titan

Lightshow: sci-fi laptop dazzles with its futuristic chassis

Inspired by the headlight designs of supercars, the GT76 features a vast array of adjustable lights that decorates its chassis. Users revel in the myriad visual possibilities, each and every permutation is an expression of every user's unique personality.
The design of the air dam’s bottom ventilation resembles the super car's domineering design. The blinking red light conjures up images of a spiritual race car seconds before the start of a race: a universally unforgettable beast that seems to belong in the virtual world of science fiction rather than in the real world.
GT76 Titan

A titanic sensation! GT76 impresses in its union of savage power with ease of control

The hinge of the GT76 is located on the topside of the lid: opening the lid is like unveiling the rumbling engine of a monster supercar. As the thin bezel screen emerges into view, its breakthrough design offers a full-scale visual feast. Furthermore, the GT76 splendid keyboard's trendy “Per-Key RGB” function, complemented by its simple and accessible operating interface, enables gamers to effortlessly immerse themselves in the gaming experience.
GT76 Titan

See-through air dam and base proudly present the GT76's great thermal solutions

The GT76's base is a specimen of divine design. Its see-through ventilation grills proudly show off the Titans great thermal solutions, while its golden bronze cooling pipe further accentuates the laptop's regal appearance. Furthermore, the hollowed-out design not only maximizes air intake but also keeps the laptop’s vertical dimension to a minimum. The GT76, supreme in its pursuit noble design, has already taken the world by storm even before its official release.
GT76 Titan

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