Brilliant mechanical keyboard design of my GT80

By Shrek |

I wanna thank MSI to let me have a reason to buy a high-end gaming notebook because I hesitated whether to buy a gaming notebook or not before. What made me change my mind was the mechanical keyboard design.
I prefer to use / type with a mechanical keyboard, no matter play games or work. I believe that a mechanical keyboard can help increase my typing speed and accuracy. The last straw that breaks the camel’s back to convince me to make the purchase was the launch of MSI GT80 gaming notebook with mechanical keyboard. I want to post this article to show the strengths of this model and to persuade more people to join the club.
Mechanical keyboards come with a variety of switches. You should choose the one that best fits your preference.
MSI GT80 Titan SLI is designed with Cherry MX Brown switches which are great for folks who don't like loud click sound, but do like the tactile bump feeling. This switch reaches a comfortable balance. Nice pick, MSI! :biggthumbsup:

The advantage of Cherry MX brown switches is that you get to easily find different kinds of compatible keycaps to replace the original ones and transform the keyboard into the look you dream of. Even though some keycaps might be surprisingly expensive but it’s going to be worthwhile cause the result will make you look unique and different than the rest.

I love these metal keycaps even they aren’t compatible with the backlight design. A thin coating of durable metal helps thwart the abuse sustained by the keys most commonly used for gaming – WASD & ESC.

MSI GT80 has red LED backlight design. It looks so cool and is really useful especially when staying in a dark environment. The illumination makes the notebook looks like it’s ready to go to the battle any time.

GT80 Titan SLI comes with Steelseries Engine 3. When playing video games, keyboard is like your weapon. The SteelSeries Engine 3 here helps you have a better control of your weapon, meaning the Cherry MX brown switch mechanical keyboard on GT80 Titan SLI. You get to suit up your weapon with cool look by lightening it up with backlit colors, transforming your keyboard into a high technology firearm by setting up several keys into one key command and cloud syncing all Steelseries gears together.
As you seen there are plenty of good, solid reasons to consider a mechanical keyboard if you take your gaming seriously.
BTW, I found that MSI leaked some sketch pictures which look amazing. It makes me look forward to knowing more details of the coming new model.

I hope (would like to suggest) the new model have:
1. RGB Keyboard Backlighting! I know red led is enough for most of gamers, but I want it to be more customized and to have the Game Sense function of SSE3.
2. Adding some programmable keys for more options to deliver the utmost in customized gameplay.
If the new generation model does improve these parts, I would definitely buy the new one to replace my current GT-80 XDDDD.

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