The debate about the best gaming platform is nothing new. Console die-hards still swear by their PS3/Xbox 360 and will hear nothing against it. On the other front, members of the PC Master Race look down on anyone who isn’t gaming on a PC.

So, which faction gets it right?

Well, neither of them. Each of these platforms has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The logical take – they’re both great gaming platforms, and it’s not unreasonable to compare them.

Console Gaming vs. PC Gaming: What Consoles do Better?

Initial Purchase Costs

Let me preface the topic of costs with a simple fact.

A digital-only Sony PS5 costs only $399, and Microsoft’s Xbox Series S only comes to $300. When you factor in initial costs, gaming PCs just aren’t in the picture.

Consoles are known to keep initial costs relatively low – encouraging gamers to join their ecosystem. Building a comparable Gaming PC would cost so much more than those consoles that it’s not even an interesting discussion.

Rock-Solid AAA Exclusives

CWhile Microsoft prefers offering games on multiple platforms (Xbox and PC), Sony usually takes a different approach for its AAA titles. If you really want access to Sony’s library of terrific exclusive games when they launch, buying into the PlayStation ecosystem is the only way!

Although this practice might seem ‘iffy’ to gamers who detest walled gardens, it’s clear that Sony aims to recoup its investment in subsidizing gaming hardware by selling Cquality games and also using them to draw more gamers into its ecosystem.

Game Bugs and Issues

When games launch on consoles, gamers rarely run into game-breaking bugs. However, the same sadly can’t be said for PCs due to the sheer number of possible hardware combinations. For example, the launch of Elden Ring on PC was accompanied by a string of bugs (including one that wouldn’t let the game launch for some gamers!) that took a while to fix. Meanwhile, gamers on consoles could get gaming on Day 1, without issue.

Minimum Requirements. What’re Those?

Console gamers know that a game launching on consoles WILL work on their machine. They don’t have to expend energy researching what hardware a game will need to run smoothly. If a developer releases a game for the PS5, it’ll run on any PS5. Simple.

On the other hand, PC gamers have no option but to check the minimum and recommended hardware requirements.

What do You Gain from Adding a Pre-Built PC to Your Gaming Setup?

Consoles offer a few advantages that PCs don’t. There’s no contesting this fact. Similarly, PCs also extend a few upsides that consoles don’t.

So, the logical way to create a gaming setup would be by making sure you’re covering as many bases as possible. Adding a Pre-Built Gaming PC to your gaming setup ensures you can enjoy all the advantages both platforms offer.

Well then, let’s find out what you stand to gain, shall we?

Boundless Gaming: Unshackling the Gamer in You

Steam, Epic, GOG, Origin, Xbox, and the List Goes On…

Although console gamers do have a massive game library with many top-notch exclusives at their disposal, they still need to stay shackled to the ecosystem – much like PC gamers do.

A PC opens you up to additional sources of games like Steam, GOG, Origin, Xbox, and many more!

In addition to games that might play better on powerful gaming PCs, you’ll also gain access to age-old genres like Strategy, Simulation, and fast-paced FPS games designed to be enjoyed on a PC.

Upgrade to the Next Generation

One of the most significant advantages of a PC is its modularity. You can switch out any component or add more of what you need, when you need!

A shiny new next-gen graphics card launched that completely trounces your current performance? No problem! All you need to do is swap out your current graphics card for a brand-new one (assuming power requirements are similar; if not, a power supply upgrade is just a swap away), and that’s it. You get to enjoy a new tier of performance with minimal effort.

Storage is also always a concern with modern game sizes going through the roof lately. But if you have access to a PC, you can add more when you need space for that shiny new game you want to play next.

Being forced to delete older games that you still might want to play is a painful endeavor that you probably hate already. A PC can help you skip this pain altogether.

Control Your Games, Your Way

Certain types of games might offer a better experience with a mouse and keyboard. Others may play well with a specific type of controller.

In addition to being able to use your PS5/Xbox Series X controller on a PC, you can pick the input device you feel most comfortable with for any given game! With a PC, it’s easy to connect what you want, when you want. Just plug in, and off you go.

Fluid, Tear-Free Gaming

Although consoles can now handle higher frame rates and support 120 Hz screens, they’re still quite a ways away from what’s possible on high-end Gaming PCs.

PCs allow gamers to leverage fluid, ultra-high refresh rate gaming – enabling games at gorgeous 4K with a blistering 144 Hz refresh rate. Not only does this improve your overall gaming experience, but it also helps you play better in fast-paced games, thanks to better responsiveness and smoother movement.

Ready to Play: Get Gaming. Right Away!

Yes, consoles allow you to jump into your games with minimal setup or installation. You buy it, plug it into your monitor, create an account/login, download the games you want, and that’s it! You’re ready to go.

A pre-built Gaming PC brings this convenience to PCs as well. It facilitates an excellent out-of-the-box user experience by ensuring that plugging in and pressing the power button are the only things you need to do to get your PC running!

Peace of Mind

Another reason consoles offer peace of mind is thanks to their warranty and support. Now, you can enjoy this benefit on PCs as well. Not only can you start playing the games you want instantly on a pre-built machine, but you can also depend on robust warranties and advanced technical support if something does go awry.

Be Yourself: Make it Truly Your Own

Customizing your very own battle machine is exciting! Whether you’re picking PCs with your favorite colors or ensuring that it blends in with your existing setup, you have quite a few options at your disposal.

Need more screen real estate? No problem! Just add another screen to your setup and get going.

What if you want your PC to be a specific size? Not a problem. You’ll find many pre-built options that offer the right balance of performance and size for you!

Mods, Mods, Mods.

Mods in a game can help you tweak the game to your liking. From adding more content by expanding the game world with more quests/missions/maps to adding graphics and textures to revamp the look of an old game completely – the choices are endless!

Talented developers and community members spend hours perfecting mods for their favorite games.

Console manufacturers, unfortunately, aren’t overly enthusiastic about mods for games. Not only is it more complicated to develop modding support features for games on consoles, but the platforms also come down hard on those who attempt it.

Say Hello to the MSI Pre-Built Gaming Desktop Lineup

MSI offers a range of gaming desktops, from value-oriented options to high-performance gaming systems that will immediately get you into PC gaming!

Say Hello to the MSI Pre-Built Gaming Desktop Lineup


The MSI Aegis lineup focuses on bringing top-tier performance to gamers who don’t want to compromise. It combines the best CPUs and GPUs on the market with a premium cooling solution to extract the best gaming performance possible. MSI’s Aegis Gaming PCs also feature premium connectivity options like Dual LAN and Thunderbolt support.

What’s more, its aggressive styling ensures that your always makes its presence felt in any room.



The MSI Infinite gaming desktops are designed for serious gamers who need serious equipment that can easily upgrade to reach the latest performance. Although these PCs are built to be compact, they use standard hardware, which makes it easy to upgrade whenever you want. Its front carries an elegant circuit-like design that’s lit up with gorgeous RGB that you can customize to your liking!



If you want performance in a compact package, the Trident series of compact gaming desktops is the perfect choice. Even though the hardware is packed into a slim chassis, all Trident Gaming PCs use standard hardware to make upgrading a breeze.



The MSI Codex series of gaming desktops focuses on equipping gamers with the hardware they need for a pleasant gaming experience. Combining the latest
Intel CPUs and Nvidia RTX graphics cards into a modern chassis ensures that gamers can play the newest AAA games without worry.

If you’re looking for a great value option to pair with your console setup, look no further than the MSI Codex Series.



Team Red fans will love the all-AMD MAG META Gaming Desktops! They focus on delivering unbeatable value for money. They come equipped with an AMD Ryzen processor and an AMD Radeon graphics card to get the most out of AMD-exclusive features and optimizations like Smart Access Memory.


Do You Want it All?

If you hate compromises and want to play the latest games, regardless of where they release – having it all is the way to go! Add a Pre-Built Gaming PC to your gaming setup, and you’ll enjoy access to whatever platform offers the best experience for any given game.

What’s more, this comes with the added bonus of being able to lord over others you see arguing about consoles vs. PCs online!

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Do You Want it All?