In 2021, MSI launched two new Quantum Dots gaming monitors during COMPUTEX, the MPG321UR-QD, and the MPG321QRF-QD. The MPG321UR-QD has 3840X2160 resolution, HDMI2.1, 144Hz high refresh rate, 1ms response time, HDR600, G-Sync compatible and supports KVM for multiple systems.

With 4K and a high refresh rate, the MPG321UR-QD is suitable for console gamers. The MPG321UR-QD has 99% coverage of Adobe RGB for colorful images. In addition, its OSD settings and features like Optix Scope and Smart Crosshair can be adjusted with the console controller thanks to the KVM 3.0 function.


KVM 3.0

In the past, we can use KVM to control multiple devices via one keyboard mouse. KVM helps us quickly switch input and make our work more convenient. Usually, we use KVM when using a PC and a notebook at the same time. Now, with more people owning a pc and a console, it isn't as easy to switch the monitor back and forth. Now with KVM 3.0, we can use the controllers for the OSD function. Like the original KVM, we need to set it up before using it.

1. For KVM 3.0 to work, you need to plug your controller to certain USB ports marked with controller icon.

KVM 3.0

2. Connect Type A / Type B cable to the console and PC.

There are three Type B ports on the MPG321UR-QD. To use KVM3.0, we need to plug two Type A / Type B cables into a Type B port at the back of the monitor. If we connect the PC with DP, we must connect the Type B cable near the DP port. If we're connecting HDMI to the console, we need to plug another Type B cable near the HDMI port. Because the Type B signal follows the display signal, we need to plug it into the Type B ports. The pictures below are examples of the correct and wrong setup. Please follow the correct setup for your system.

Connect Type A / Type B cable to the console and PC

Connect Type A / Type B cable to the console and PC

Connect Type A / Type B cable to the console and PC

After setting up, we can go to the Gaming OSD app to set the hotkeys. The only hotkey that can’t be changed is the one for the OSD menu. Press LT + LB +↑to show the OSD menu. Other functions can be set to whichever hotkey you want.

Gaming OSD app

Also we can use controller to use Navi Key. Once we press LT + LB + ↑, we are in osd mode. And we press↑, then we can use Navi Key as joystick that we used before. Below is actual situation when you use KVM 3.0 playing on console.

Use Controller to open up the OSD: https://youtu.be/EUTkBhDNNf0
Use Controller to Enable Optix Scope: https://youtu.be/-97LEqWJyXI
Use Controller to change Mode: https://youtu.be/l1J9ikbBapE

The list will be updated continuously.
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