Customize your gaming rig with CARBON motherboards featuring Mystic Light

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Into modding?

MSI X99 & Z170 CARBON are perfect for you!


What's new?

When we introduced the X99A GODLIKE GAMING motherboard back in July 2015, it was the world’s first RGB LED motherboard and most extreme gaming platform. Behind the scenes, we were already thinking up ways to make it better for case modders and enthusiasts looking to customize their gaming rig. While carbon-fiber materials are light-weight and extremely strong it possesses a unique color. By matching the full motherboard to a completely black & carbon based colorscheme, removing the red colors, we made sure when changing the color of your system, your complete rig would transform to something totally different.



Two new models

MSI GAMING motherboards are dedicated to ultimate performance and the best gaming experience. MSI continuously strives for the most extreme technological advancements on its products and the new CARBON models are a true testament of that. With 2 new CARBON special edition models, packed with unique GAMING features, the Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON and the pinnacle of GAMING, X99A GODLIKE GAMING CARBON are designed to satisfy even the most demanding gamer and stylist.



Style your gaming rig

Customize your systems’ look & feel with RGB LEDs. Use the GAMING APP to change the colors to anything you want. Up to 16.8 million colors and 16 LED effects are now supported. From 'breathing' to 'flashing', you are in full control. You can even control the X99A GODLIKE GAMING CARBON colors using your mobile phone!




Mystic Light colors

Mystic Light LED effect



16.8 million

16 LED effects

GAMING APP in Windows


2048 colors

8 LED effects

GAMING APP in Windows + Mobile Smartphone APP


Mystic Light in action

Check out this video to see how you can use Mystic Light to shape and color your system:


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