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(Vivienne Ke) MSI, the international tech firm, a leading giant of laptop has upheld craftsmanship spirit to produce a full product line of laptops that are specifically designed for creators and takes the lead in embracing the era of content creation. MSI has created laptops that distinguish between these different needs to form a complete product line: Creator/Prestige/Modern series. The Creator series aims to arouse the professional creators’ artistic cell; the Prestige series guides the prosumers to achieve timeless success, while the lightweight, Modern series aimed to provide all-around entertainments for users to create wonderful moments. The meticulous laptop craftsmanship creates the perfect balance between lightweight design and high performance, matching these polarized elements is actually what MSI expertise focuses on. The birth of a laptop took approximately six months, from design to production. The design team underwent countless discussion and researches to actualize all the concept, eventually developed the best full-line content creation laptops for the creative soul.

Low-key design

Low-key design with high quality: To bring out the best in users

The original design was inspired from the users’ perspective, portraying the craftsmanship determination of MSI to make laptops specifically for creators. As we find ourselves in the era of aesthetics, consumers are focusing on how the brand spirit is interpreted into laptop designs. MSI content creation series is designed to embody those emotions and manifests into tangible laptop features. MSI uncompromisingly tackled the challenge of condensing the high-performance components into Prestige 14, an A4-sized thin and light laptop. The reason behind this determination is to keep the A4-sized golden ratio for creators; while the simplistic single-color casing is a symbol for the origin of inspiration, as if a piece of blank paper to be filled with artist's infinite creativity.
creation laptops
A laptop designed for creators shall not only be able to ignite the aspiration of creativity, but more importantly, be able to integrate into and enrich the users’ life and to express the attitude of creators. With this mindset, the MSI’s design team conducted extensive data research and analysis on craftsmanship and color material trends for setting production directions.
MSI not only observes the megatrends but various industries related to everyday life. For instance, fashion, entertainment, household and automatic industries, are all the areas that MSI are paying attention to. The design team then selected the most representative and popular colors from these industries and input MSI’s tonality to define an exclusive color plan.

MSI's tonality to define an exclusive color plan
“Blending colors like a magician is the most interesting process of designing laptops.” described by MSI’s design team. The designers tested dozens of combination with color shade and effects; more importantly, they executed in-depth research according to the demands of the markets. “Our goal is not to create a laptop with ostentatious design resulting in concealing the users’ characteristics but to bring out their best creativity. The MSI design team has conducted in-depth interviews to understand the experiences and needs of artists worldwide, even observing the arrangements of their houses. The research eventually shows that unlike the ostentatious design that buries personal characteristics, pure white and gray are the widely accepted and most easily integrated into their creative scenarios.

In view of this, the MSI content creations series return to low-key. The designers simplify the case design by removing excess trimmings. The minimalistic gray and white not only look professional and stylish but also reflect tranquillity and elegance. The seemingly simple design is the product of careful creation. Premium features are displayed within the details. For example, the achromatic colors are festooned with golden trimmings and diamond-cutting. These understated designs proudly portray MSI's goal of pursuing high quality. Another surprise can be found on the bottom of the Prestige 14's chassis, the irregularly-shaped vents resembling musical waves can be seen at the bottom, encouraging users to think out of the box.

five senses

Pursue ultimate "five senses." Designer's challenge of durability.

Materials and craftsmanship are complementary to each other. High-performance creator laptops should not only have extraordinary designs but a solid case to resist severe circumstances and situations. To achieve this goal, MSI has revolutionized the process of antifouling through our sophisticated testing procedure. MSI applies a three-layer coating on the surface of the casing to prevent yellowing. Moreover, MSI has simulated the real-life situations and examined the durability by conducting drop tests. The tests included dropping each model a total of three times on each of its six sides as well as four corners from a height of 30 centimeters.

Human technology! MSI puts humanity in creator laptops

In the golden age of “we are all creators”, MSI endeavors to always be practical and evolve inconveniences into innovation. The design team conducted extensive analysis of consumer habits, identified the most relevant problems and, in an unprecedented way, offered perfect solutions for laptop design. The importance of observing users’ needs, this ingenuity is often overseen, but can actually contribute significantly to the improvement of user experiences.
Design for creators
"Those who can solve the difficulties in the creative process will satisfy the creators." concluded by designer Chungbi Lee. MSI will keep observing the megatrend of the industry and always incorporate the new invention and the needs of end-users into design elements while continuing inventing remarkable and surprising designs for creators. Just like the “Golden Circle” theory formed by Simon Sinek, MSI believes that “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it and uphold the faith of “Design for creators” to keep producing the best laptops and greatest beneficial creative device for content creation.

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