Detailed settings of gaming notebook between different performance gap - GTAV graphics tweak guide

By Shrek |

We believe lots of gamers already enjoyed playing GTA5 for a while and easily found so many interesting video clips and tons of youtube links shared. But some people might be curious about the performance gap between different graphics level, especially those who wish to buy in new machines. Here below are detailed tests among mid to high level graphics and we'll keep them updated once there are new configurations coming up.




Example above for platform which packed Nvidia GTX950M. The FPS result of Grand Theft Auto V is collected by running the in-game benchmark. We record the FPS only from the fifth benchmark scene since because it’s the most similar scenery in a real game play. Due to different hardware configuration (for example, different CPU or memory…), the FPS result may be little bit different on the same graphics. The giving chart shows you the FPS under different Graphics settings with different Graphics. Check the Graphics Settings which has FPS 45 or above in order to have a smooth game play experience.





Bars with different color are represented different setting levels,  which are game default, Geforce Optimization, and low to ultra levels. The whole detailed like resolutions, anti-aliasing, distance scaling and  texture might have lots of combinations but we simply take them as below.




Each graphics level were used to packed different hardware but we managed to make the difference closer in terms of reliable testing result. Here are the platform which GTA5 been tested on.




People might be interested in optimization of Geforce Experience, and we also like to share the methods. First, initiate the Geforce Experience software. In the Game tab, find Grand Theft Auto V and click on the "Optimized" button to apply the optimized setting. The Geforce Experience will fine tune the graphics settings and deliver the smooth game play with nice image quality to you.




Hope you enjoy the game play of this hot title and perfectly find the optimization setting of your own gear!





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