We are not telling you that you could buy a Mobile Workstation just for play games, but we are going to tell you the Mobile Workstation with mobile Quadro graphics is not only for 3~5x faster than GTX graphics on OpenGL graphics design, but also could play games faster than previous mobile Quadro K series graphics, and It’s very close to same level mobile GTX graphics already!


The latest Quadro M series graphics platform is really powerful, this time the Quadro M5000M is over 1.8x faster than K5100M on OpenGL graphics, Quadro M4000M is over 1.8x faster than K4100M, Quadro M3000M is over 1.9x faster than K3100M, Quadro M2000M is 2.0x faster than K2100M, Quadro M1000M is 2.1x faster than K1100M on OpenGL graphics working performance.


The reflect level between Mobile Quadro and GTX graphics at Maxwell architecture

But today we are not going to introduce more detail about these mobile Quadro graphics difference, I would like to give a comparison on the DirectX11 GPU performance with GTX graphics.

If we look into the CUDA cores and memory bandwidth design, the latest nVIDIA mobile Quadro M series graphics is Maxwell platform refresh, the Quadro M5000M is 1536 CUDA Cores and 256bit memory bandwidth of 5000MHz GDDR5, totally same as nVIDIA GTX980M graphics, just lower clock/frequency and power consumption. CUDA Cores just like the graphics pipelines, the more pipelines on GPU, the higher performance users could have (Under same architecture), from CPU point of view, it’s like Dual Core, Quad Core or Six of CPU Cores. So CUDA Cores number and memory bandwidth determinate the final performance of a graphics card.

Below image of mobile Quadro Graphics info is from NVIDIA Quadro Webpage



The Quadro M4000M is 1280 CUDA Cores with 256bit memory bandwidth and 5000MHz GDDR5, GTX970M is also 1280 CUDA Cores, but the memory bandwidth is 192bit GDDR5, which is lower than M4000M. Quadro M3000M comes with 1024 CUDA Cores, with 256bit memory bandwidth and GDDR5 as well. The GTX965M also comes with 1024 CUDA Cores but only 128bit memory bandwidth of GDDR5.

Then we take a look on Quadro M2000M, it’s 640 CUDA Cores and 128bit of GDDR5, same as GTX960M with 640 CUDA Cores and 128bit of GDDR5, Quadro M1000M is 512 CUDA Cores and 128bit memory bandwidth of GDDR5.


How New mobile Quadro Platform Presents on DirectX11 performance?


Let’s compare the top level graphics comparison of mobile Quadro M5000M with GTX980M and the performance level comparison of mobile Quadro M1000M with GTX950M, take a look at below table to see these 2 different levels graphics presents on 3D Mark 11 of the DirectX11 performance.


Consider the mobile Quadro graphics comes with lower GPU Core Clock, the performance of 3D Mark 11 is almost equal to same level GTX graphics that is very amazing improvement at this generation, if you compare with previous version of Quadro K5100M from early 2015, it’s only P7050 pts, which is only 61.3% of GTX980M graphics. But the latest generation of mobile Quadro M5000M already boost to P11000, which is 95.6% compared to GTX980M.



Then we take a look on the performance level, previous generation NVIDIA mobile Quadro K1100M got P2050 score on 3D Mark 11 Performance mode, which is only 45.5% compared with GTX950M, but when it comes to latest mobile Quadro M1000M, it boost to P4500, which is 97.8% of GTX950M score.




Latest mobile Quadro is same as GTX on gaming, but 3~5x faster on OpenGL!

Let’s come back to the original concept, the latest Maxwell platform of NVIDIA mobile Quadro graphics getting much faster for DirectX11 performance, that not only helps for gaming, but also helps for DirectX11 API modeling, this helps game developers to use latest MSI WT72, WS72 and WS60 with mobile Quadro graphics to create their artworks, also use their WT72, WS72 and WS60 to play their own designed games to see the final effects!