ESS SABRE HiFi gives HD6 MIX headset greater sound experience on GS60

By Shrek |

I got a GS60 this year for months, besides its great performance on gaming experience with GTX970M, I would like to share a very impressive feature from MSI only, the ESS SABRE HiFi with 24bit/192kHz Hi-Res audio.

High Quality AMP Input to Output
I got a page of the document from internet to describe how the ESS SABRE HiFi works from input to output, it simply point out that ESS SABRE HiFi could make the FLAC / lossless audio files to output 24bit/192kHz, that makes the sound quality 6x higher in detail than a CD audio (16bit/48KHz). If you use better headset, the difference will be bigger.
It not only comes with higher detail of the sampling rate, but also has better DNR up to 127dB, THD+N up to -120dB. You will therefore hear less background noise and louder volume when enjoying the Hi-Res audio. The built-in ESS SABRE HiFi AMP design supports different level headsets from 6ohm to 600ohm. This means that ESS SABRE HiFi AMP design already supports 99.99% of all the high-end headsets with highest quality.


Used Nahimic 2 to make independent control on ESS
Besides the pure hardware AMP design bypassing the input signal, MSI gaming notebooks also use Nahimic 2, allowing gamers or classical users to adjust the higher quality audio generated by ESS SABRE HiFi with more flexibility for different styles. Nahimic 2 supports internal speakers, and it comes with some different preset user modes that make the surround sound experience.
 Internalspeakers - Nahimic 2

If you plug in the headset and choose the headset AMP, the software will show the ESS SABRE HiFi logo. You could see the volume control is independent, not related to internal speakers AMP. Furthermore, users could adjust the format of the audio output, sampling rate up to 192kHz, Bit Rate up to 24bit. This setup could make sure the output level remaining in highest quality, and that’s the advantage of ESS SABRE HiFi AMP.
SABRE HiFi - Nahimic 2-1

Greater sound detail presented by the HD6 MIX headset
I used SENNHEISER HD6 MIX headset to enjoy my best audio experience with GS60. This headset is for Pro DJ/Monitor usage. The driver is designed with 150ohm and 110dB sensitive sound. The sound detail is therefore really balanced and excellent. Doesn’t matter whether the volume set is at 5% or 100%, the headset could brief with same excellent sound detail, so it present great with ESS SABRE HiFi AMP from GS60!

The audio playback software is also important. From my experience, only few software can support this kind of high quality audio playback. If you take a look on the image below, you will find that the original file data rate is higher than 24bit/192kHz. Therefore, when I make comparison with other notebooks, it’s easy to hear the big difference.

Conclusion of ESS SABRE HiFi feature
As a long time gamer and elder classic/pop music fan, I like to listen to different concert musics or live songs with higher quality on weekends. Before, I used a $490 headset AMP from SONY for years. Now I could just use GS60 to get same high quality. I couldn’t believe that a notebook could reach this high level of audio quality since the sound of my friend’s MBP is not as good as mine. I have also tried other brand’s notebook and my old GE60, however, the sound quality and detail are way far from the GS60 with ESS SABRE HiFi AMP.
I heard that GT72/GT80 or new GT models will come with highest 32bit/384kHz ESS SABRE HiFi AMP. That might be great if users really have this kind of top quality audio resource. I believe that 24bit/192kHz sound quality could be a high standard on 4K video soon. This ESS SABRE HiFi feature shall get us ready to have a better 4K video sound. So get a MSI Gaming Notebook for the best Hi-Res audio headset experience!

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