You’re done with work. So, you decide to kick back and watch a movie or that new show on Netflix that everyone’s going ham over, but there’s a problem. After a full day of staring into your screen for work, relaxing with another digital session only invites further strain and fatigue.

Do we give up on entertainment? That’s not a reasonable solution.

Is EYE CARE Really That Important?

When both your work and entertainment revolve around your monitor, you can be a bit more careful when picking one. Eye care features help you do all that you need to get done while minimizing the strain on your eyes and helping you relax.

When you’re watching shows or a movie after work, having constant eye fatigue not only makes it impossible for you to relax with your activity of choice, but it also affects your long-term health. So, isn’t it only logical that your monitor offer features that ease the strain on your eyes?

We think so.

The right combination of Eye Care features can protect your eyes from fatigue. This allows you to work more effectively and efficiently – ensuring that you remain focused for longer hours to get work done sooner. What’s more, you can now truly relax and kick back to watch a movie rather than it being a torturous, post-work/school affair that’s absolutely 0 fun.

MSI’s Quest to Offer Superior Eye Care

We truly believe health comes first. So, while our advice is still to take frequent breaks from your monitor to look around, walk around, get in some exercise, we also know it’s not always possible. You might want to unwind with a movie or a show one day, and you shouldn’t have to choose between your choice of activity and long-term health.

That’s precisely why we designed a range of Eye Care products to help minimize eye strain, even if you’re stuck working long hours or feel like settling down for a truly epic binge-watching session.

Less Blue Light

Although exposure to blue light during the day keeps you awake and alert, prolonged exposure ends up messing with your Circadian Rhythm.

MSI’s Less Blue Light Technology filters out blue light from your display for a far more comfortable viewing experience. It minimizes any blue-light-induced sleep disorders – ensuring the best chance for sound sleep even after a long session at your PC.


Screen flicker is one of the most common culprits of eye strain. The imperceptible, rapid flickers in a display can cause or exacerbate eye fatigue. MSI’s range of business monitors and AIO PCs come equipped with Anti-Flicker technology, which minimizes digital eye strain even over longer sessions.


Although lowering brightness, Less Blue Light technology, and Anti Flicker panels help minimize some of the strain on your eyes, glare remains, well, a glaring issue.

Results from field studies show effective anti-glare technologies reduced the frequency of visual health symptoms like eye fatigue, dryness, headaches, and so on. MSI’s range of Eye Care products also boasts research-backed Anti-Glare technologies to ensure that when you’re working or watching a movie, viewing comfort gets top priority.

Premium IPS-Grade Panels

If you’re constantly straining to see what’s happening on one portion of the screen, you’ll only tire your eyes out much faster. This is a far more noticeable issue when you lean back further away from your screen to relax.

Quality IPS-grade Panels help alleviate this problem by offering best-in-class viewing angles. So, whether you’re kicking back and watching a movie or working at your desk, the colors on your screen will look as pristine and uniform as ever.

Superior Ergonomics

When you’re working, you’ll want your posture to be a certain way, but when unwinding, you’ll want a more relaxed setup. However, not all screens offer the flexibility needed to pull this off.

MSI’s line of Eye Care products comes equipped with top-of-the-line ergonomic stands that bend to your will. They’ll accommodate every height, swivel, or tilt adjustment that you may need for absolute comfort.

Curved Display Options

Using relatively larger flat monitors means that while you gain additional screen real estate, the far edges of your monitor now sit farther away from you than the center of your monitor. So, every glance across your screen requires your eyes to readjust.

Curving the monitor screen brings those edges closer to you, making every part of the monitor near-equidistant once more. This reduces the strain on your eyes substantially – making it a critical Eye Care feature for larger displays.

MSI Eye Care Line of Business Monitors and AIO PCs

MSI Modern AM242P 11M

The Modern AM242P delivers a blazing-fast computing experience coupled with a minimal design and premium Eye Care features for an enjoyable work and entertainment experience.

It comes equipped with up to an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor, Intel Xe graphics, and 64 GB of RAM behind a gorgeous 23.8” IPS-grade LED panel boasting an array of MSI’s Eye Care technologies. You can also enjoy a modern networking experience with Wi-Fi 6 support (optional) for blazing-fast and reliable wireless internet connectivity.

MSI Modern AM242P 11M
Where to buy → Modern AM242P 11M

MSI Summit MS321UP

If you’re looking for the pinnacle of business productivity monitors, look no further than the Summit MS321UP 32” 4K monitor. Not only does it come equipped with a host of MSI Eye Care technologies for a superior, yet comfortable viewing experience, but it’s also a professional display that offers 95% DCI-P3 color coverage along with a native 4K resolution and DisplayHDR 600 certification.

MSI Summit MS321UP
Where to buy → Summit MS321UP

MSI Modern MD271CPW

The MSI Modern MD271CPW enhances viewing comfort by curving the monitor and bringing those far edges closer to you. This means that the number of times your eyes need to refocus reduces exponentially.

Boasting a Full HD resolution, 75Hz refresh rate, and a generous 27-inch panel size, the Modern MD271CPW also offers a 1500R curve for optimal viewing comfort even with its expansive size. It is packed to the brim with MSI’s Eye Care features to make sure you’re never compromising on your health when using it.

MSI Modern MD271CPW
Where to buy → MSI Modern MD271CPW

EYE Love Cinema Promotional Offer!

EYE Love Cinema Promotional Offer!

Let’s make Eye Care the norm together. MSI’s range of Eye Care products allows you to work during the day, without affecting that movie you’re watching at night with a host of features for superior viewing comfort and better long-term health.

In fact, let us help you with that late-night binge. Buy any eligible MSI Eye Care monitor or AIO PC within the offer period to redeem a Netflix code worth 30 USD!

Eligible Purchase Period: 2022/04/01 - 2022/06/30
Redemption Period: 2022/04/01- 2022/07/14

How to Redeem Your Prizes

Here’s how you can claim your rewards:

- Login to the MSI Rewards Center
- Register your eligible product.
- Verify all the information you’ve entered before hitting submit.
- Head to the Promotions tab and find the active Eye Love Cinema promotion.
- Click redeem to open a new application and fill out all the details.
- Upload all necessary documents (an image of the eligible product with the serial number clearly visible and a valid purchase invoice).
- Submit.
- That’s it! We’ll contact you via email once everything checks out on our end.

Head on to the 2022 EYE Love Cinema page for more details.

MSI Shout Out!

MSI Shout Out

Oh, we aren’t done giving out rewards yet.

If you’ve purchased an eligible product from our Modern and All-In-One series of Products (product list here), you can submit a review before the promotion period ends to also participate in our SHOUT OUT promotion! An exclusive Italian luxury good Limited Edition await you.

Eligible Promotion Period: 2022/04/01 – 2022/12/31

Head to the official SHOUT OUT page for more details.