When a horizontal break appears during a session of gameplay, it is always unpleasant! Recently, AMD has introduced FreeSync technology to bring you the smoothest possible experience. The benefits of FreesSync have been discussed on social media and online computer communities for weeks. You may feel curious and wonder how this cutting-edge technology can change your gaming life? Well, let's get to look what FreeSync is!


What is AMD FreeSync?

 FreeSync is AMD’s latest innovation to solve the problem of screen tearing, juddering and stuttering while you are playing games or watching videos. This new technology enables graphics cards to synchronize the refresh rates with the frame rate of a compatible monitor. FreeSync has been built on the industry standard ‘Adaptive Sync’ which provides communication between monitor and GPU to alter the screen refresh rate in alignment over a VESA 1.2a DisplayPort link. With the leverage of Display Adaptive sync protocols,  you will experience the benefits of smooth and tearing-free  gaming. There will not be any stuttering under FreeSync operation because the refresh rate is matched to the creation of new frames. In addition, the development of the Adaptive Sync industry standard provides open resources which don't require any licensing fees or contracts to participating parties. Therefore, the manufacturing cost will be less and you will spend less budget to enjoy playing games and watching videos without any tearing and stuttering problems. FreeSync also supports a wide variety of potential refresh rate ranges which allows you to select a suitable model for your special gameplay.

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Why is AMD FreeSync interesting for gamers?

Are you one of the victims who suffer from the tearing and stuttering on screenplay? AMD FreeSync would save you from this painful experience. Having a FreeSync featured AMD graphics card and a compatible monitor brings you a fresh taste of the smoothest possible experience becoming a reality. Furthermore, this connection is also beneficial to optimize your graphics card performance to display as long as FresSync is enabled.

How can you get this cutting-edge technology?

To access the advantages of AMD FreeSync, you require a monitor compatible with DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync, a compatible AMD Radeon GPU with a DisplayPort connection, and the latest AMD Catalyst graphics driver. The monitors compatible with AMD FreeSync Technology have been launched to market since this cutting edge technology was announced. As a result, there are many models for you to select and start your smooth, tearing-free gameplay!

To help you get started,  we have already updated the product pages of our AMD Radeon R9 and R7 GAMING series to show which cards support AMD FreeSync technology for you to enjoy while gaming or watching a video.


MSI AMD Radeon cards that are FreeSync compatible:

AMD Radeon R9 295X2

AMD Radeon R9 290

AMD Radeon R7 260X

AMD Radeon R9 290X

AMD Radeon R9 285

AMD Radeon R7 260