We have mentioned in this post that MSI business laptops support modern standby.
The Intel 12th gen MSI gaming laptops support modern standby as well.

modern standby

For those who have no idea what “modern standby” is, “modern standby” is a sleep mode that’s compatible with Windows Hello biometric function and can wake up instantly, unlike the “legacy” S3 sleep mode.

Modern standby for gaming laptops?

Imagine that you have a game console, do you wish it to boot for 1~3mins every time, or boot up instantly and start playing your game?

Same goes to gaming laptops, to support the high-performance gaming settings, most of the is keeps the AC adapters plugged in at all time.

Modern standby for gaming laptops

Since there are no concern about battery consumption, why not choose modern standby mode while the laptop is not in use? modern standby only consumes slightly higher power than traditional S3 sleep mode, but comes with much shorter wake up time.

Turn your gaming laptop into a music player

MSI gaming laptops come with great quality speaker, why not turn it into a music player while you are studying or working out?

Simply play the music files through groove, and close the lid, or just let it enter modern standby by selecting sleep from start menu. The music will keep playing just like your smart phone can play music while screen is off.

Turn your gaming laptop into a music player

What if I will be away from laptop for few hours without AC adapter?

If you want to maximize your laptop battery life when you have no AC adapter or power socket near you, you can refer to this blog post we wrote earlier.

By enabling the S4 to hibernate mode, the laptop will transfer the data that would be stored in the memory under modern standby mode into your SSD. Since SSD needs no power supply to hold the data like memory, more energy can be saved under S4 hibernate mode.

What if I will be away from laptop for few hours without AC adapter

Laptop is slightly warm at sleep mode?

It is understandable that since S3 standby mode has been around for decades, most people have gotten used to it and may find the modern standby behavior is nothing like what they have seen. For instance, since modern standby keeps the components awake under minimum power consumption to sync internet data, or play music, prepare to wake up instantly, they all need CPU to participate, therefore, CPU may heat up and fan may spin to lower the CPU temperature.

Can I bypass modern standby?

It is not unable to imagine in the past that fan can be activated while the laptop is under sleep mode.

Even if you miss the traditional S3 standby, you cannot really “bypass” Modern Standby, however, you can set you laptop to enter S4 hibernate mode earlier in order to extend your battery life.

There is a parameter named “Hibernate After”, but it is hidden by default in Windows 11, we have to manually activate this function.

By default, the “Hibernate After” is hidden under sleep category.

By default, the “Hibernate After” is hidden under sleep catagoryn

Here's the step by step setting
1. Click windows key and type cmd, choose run as administrator

Here's the step by step setting

2. Copy and paste the following text and click enter, you should see the message "The operation completed successfully"

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power\PowerSettings\238C9FA8-0AAD-41ED-83F4-97BE242C8F20\9d7815a6-7ee4-497e-8888-515a05f02364 /v Attributes /t REG_DWORD /d 2 /f


3.Click windows button, type power plan and open up edit power plan

Click windows button

4. Click Change advanced setting

Click Change advanced setting

5. Re-open power option, now the “Hibernate After” will show up and you can set how long it takes to goes into S4 hibernate mode

Hibernate After

6. Don't forget to set the display off time and sleep trigger time as well, better set the value as same as “Sleep after” in the previous step

Hibernate After

Now you laptop can have the benefit of both Modern Standby and S4 hibernate.

Which MSI laptop supports Modern Standby?

For MSI laptops with Intel 12th gen processor, they all support modern standby.