GE62 vs. GE60

By Shrek |
The GE62 was unveiled at CES, and us obviously the successor to the out-going-but-not-quite-dead-yet GE60. In fact, the GE60 will still remain in the MSI line-up for a while, but the GE62 will bridge the gap between the GE60 and the GS series – it will be more upmarket than the GE60. MSI_NB_GE62_Photo15_678x452 Obviously, this all starts with the looks, it’s more solid and sturdy than the GE60, and the GE62 has metal on pretty much all surfaces you actually touch – it’s a very sleek and stylish design. On top of that, the updated versions will actually come with higher-end graphics than before, in the shape of GTX 965M and 970M, while being noticeably slimmer and lighter.   A non-exhaustive list of differences can be seen below. techspecs
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