Streamlined chassis and powerful performance have always been the sticking point in enthusiastic gaming gear. Based on this value, the latest GE65 Raider continues the core of powerful performance from its predecessor. We do understand that is a tough job when the size of the chassis keeps shrinking while you still want it to provide uncompromised performance for the most delightful gaming experience. There are a ton of gaming laptops in the market that try to be extremely powerful or extremely thin, but only the MSI GE65 Raider manages to achieve both performance and portability. We call for some benchmark to figure this out in the following sections.

Higher performance than expected

To prove the overall performance of GE65 Raider, let’s pick 2 similar and popular models to compete, all with a similar segment and specification. After collecting the benchmark data from laptop media reviews, we can compare in two divisions.

For CPU, benchmark with Cinebench R15:

The Core i9-9880H is an octa-core CPU based on Intel's Coffee Lake architecture, and can execute up to 16 threads simultaneously. On the other hand, the Core i7-9750H is a popular hexa-core config found in most gaming laptops. We subjected our benchmark on CPU performance with Multi-CPU Core to see how it performed on 3 laptops. In both occasions, GE65 Raider is faster than the other 2 laptops, by up to 22%.

For GPU, benchmark with 3DMark:

We need to clarify the difference in graphics before we interpret the chart. GE65 and one of the competitors equip the standard RTX 2070 graphics. The other one adopts RTX 2070 with Max-Q design, which is made for thin gaming laptops. Overall, the GE65 takes lead with impressive and stable scores, performing about 15% higher against the two competitors. Meanwhile, we even found that the competing standard RTX 2070 can’t deliver proper performance and loses to the Max-Q design counterparts, likely due to thermal or power constraints.
After reading the result of those benchmarks, you guys are probably curious to seek the reason why these laptops, using the same configuration of processors and graphics, come with such different performance.

Heavy arms with exclusive cooling design

Combined with latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX® 2070 graphics and up to 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 processor, multitasking and gaming at higher settings should be a breeze. GE65 Raider can easily deliver the full performance with exclusive Cooler Boost 5 which is the industry’s finest and most advanced thermal module at this segment. Our R&D team designs such a powerful cooling system with dedicated thermal solutions for both the CPU and GPU with a total of 7 heat pipes ensure maximum performance under extreme gaming. Even other bulkier gaming laptops may feature less than 5 heat pipes for their latest RTX graphic models. No wonder MSI gaming laptops deliver higher performance. The new two-toned mesh design at the bottom provides better ventilation and prevents hot air recirculation.

Squeeze out the full performance with Dragon Center

In addition to the awesome cooling design, we still need the exclusive Dragon Center to co-ordinate everything related to better gaming experience, which integrated lots of features for optimized customization and adjustment. Thanks to this tool, we can make the most out of the system performance and also enjoy the best gaming experience by enhancing the per-key RGB lighting, audio, get information about the system cooling or alter the True Color display. All you need to do is switch the profile to turbo mode and raise the frequency of GPU to the maximum performance by several clicks. As you know, GE65 with the Cooler Boost 5 could easily dominate every single gaming laptop in its arena.

Features more than gamers can expect

In addition, the ultra-fast 240Hz IPS-level thin bezel display ensures sharp and clear image in a compact form factor. The GE65 also features the latest Killer Wi-Fi 6 for next-gen network experience. Giant Speaker by Dynaudio offers over 50% enhancement on audio quality, detail, and volume, is truly a breakthrough for gaming laptop speakers. But the most charming part is the uncompromised performance in such compact size. You likely won't be bringing it to the office, but this gaming laptop is perfect to carry to the next LAN party.