GL73 8SE with RTX 2060 Graphics of High Performance Gaming Notebook

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GL73 8SE

If you want a gaming notebook with GeForce RTX 2060 graphics and have better performance, you must check the GL73 8SE out and see the outstanding performance, great cooling and much better sound with larger Giant Speakers.

The GL73 8SE is a classic gaming notebook with normal size and weight in between most of the 17.3” gaming notebooks. It’s plastic chassis due to its product segmentation and price level. But GL73 8SE never compromised on the gaming performance and sound experience due to the Cooler Boost 5 and Giant Speaker design. So even it’s a mainstream level gaming notebook in the market, MSI still give it more advantage to compete most GeForce RTX 2060 notebooks with only SPECS, but lack of performance and features.
GL73 8SE

Check out the GL75 8SE SPECs.

  • Intel® Core i7 8750H CPU
  • GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6 graphics
  • 16GB of dual channel DDR4-2666 RAM
  • 512GB NVMe SSD + 1TB HDD, 1 extra M.2 Combo Slot.
  • FHD 60Hz IPS 72%NTSC Display (Optional 120Hz 94%NTSC Display)
  • Steelseries Red backlit gaming keyboard with SSE3 software.
  • Giant Speakers with Nahimic 3 software. Audio Boost Headset AMP.
  • 1x Type-C USB3.1 Gen2, 1x Type-A USB3.1 Gen2, 2x Type-A USB3.1 Gen1
  • 1x RJ45, 1x Micro SD, 1x (4K @ 60Hz) HDMI, 1x Mini-DisplayPort
  • Killer GbE LAN + 802.11ac WiFi + BT V5
  • Dimension is 419 x 287 x 33mm, 2.89kg.

The Benchmark Shows RTX2060 is Stronger than GTX1070

Look into the 3D Mark tests first, that shows the GL73 8SE with Core i7 8750H and GeForce RTX 2060 graphics is stronger than most of the Notebooks with Core i7 8750H notebook and GTX 1070 graphics. The 3D Mark 11 is lower loading DX11 3D features test, it comes out P18743 score. The GTX 1070 only got P16500~P17500 depends on different notebooks.
GL73 8SE

And newer 3D Mark tests combined more features, Fire Strike tested on DX11 with Full HD resolution, the GL73 8SE got 15145 score, this is around 15% higher than GTX1070 graphics with same CPU platform. The 3D Mark Fire Strike Extreme got 7547 score, it’s really fast!
GL73 8SE

3D Mark Time Spy is the DX12 effect test, GL73 8SE got 6376 score, also higher than GTX1070 more than 15% of the score.
GL73 8SE

At last check on the VR Mark, although it’s no more a popular as 2016~17 of VR generation, but still getting more and more usage, so if you still have VR content design or VR play demand, GL73 8SE should be a very efficient and powerful model. The VR Mark Orange Room got 7372 score, it’s even faster than GTX1080 Max-Q or RTX2070 Max-Q, even higher than some RTX2080 Max-Q models that compared from other brands notebooks review results. This is really outstanding VR performance is also available for AR or MR content creation model.
GL73 8SE

The SUPERPOSITION BENCHMARK is heavy loading benchmark tool with DX12 real time dynamic lighting effects, the 1080P HIGH preset got 9009 score, also a bit higher than GTX 1070 graphics.
GL73 8SE

Gaming Experience Enhancement Keep Getting Better

Although that RTX2060 is faster than GTX 1070 on benchmarks, but still need to check on the performance of gaming experience. First look at Battlefield 5, it’s the first game that support Ray Tracing and DLSS Anti-Aliasing, the heavy loading DX12 gaming experience is smooth to over 100fps, 103fps on the default theme with tank for users to make comparison, and 102fps in the game with a machine gun theme. That’s very smooth fps rate for gamers to play this game, even you got 120Hz or 144Hz display, the GL73 8SE could make your game smoother!
GL73 8SE
GL73 8SE

And take a look on the latest popular game “Apex Legends”, this game just over 50M members in less than a month, and online gamers over 3M at same time! This game designed with “Titanfull 2” engine, the image quality is colorful and vivid. The GL73 8SE got 110~130fps when practice, and 85~100fps in game experience is more than enough to catch up your enemy with smooth actions.
GL73 8SE

More Gaming Features Behind the SPECs

The GL73 8SE got more affordable price range, but still have more gaming features with value that gamers could enjoy the benefits more than most of other brands of same level products. Take a look on the M.2 of NVMe SSD performance as below, read speed around 1444MB/s, write speed around 1013MB/s, it’s good enough for this level of gaming notebooks, especially it’s 512GB capacity.
GL73 8SE

The most important MSI software should be Dragon Center 2, this is great tool for gamers and power users, detail hardware monitor is just a basic function, the real gaming spirit is in the control part, users could adjust performance level with “Shift” function, included Sport Mode, Comfort Mode, ECO Mode, the Sport Mode is most powerful, and ECO mode will get the lowest performance but most quiet for office or casual usage. Also the Fan Speed could adjust with Auto, Basic, Cooler Boost and Advanced, 4 Modes for pro users to adjust, Cooler Boost will get highest fan speed and most powerful cooling status. All the tests were under Sport Mode with Fan Auto.
GL73 8SE

And the GL73 8SE comes with Nahimic 3 for sound effect Enhancer, this is good software enhanced on MUSIC, MOVIE and GAMING with different modes for all MSI Gaming notebooks to enhance the Giant Speakers, to make more enhancement on surround sound effect, not only for gaming, but also for movies or music to make better listen experience.
GL73 8SE

MSI is the first and only one implement the APP Player for Android platform gamers, MSI APP Player installed in all MSI gaming notebooks, users just need to sign in your Google account, and you could play any game with your own account and same status sync with your mobile devices. The APP Player could open up 4~8 tasks for multi usage at same time, but better to play these games and software with more than 16GB dual channel RAM for multi-tasks usage. MSI co-work with BlueStacks to optimized the APP Player that occupied less CPU and RAM resource when playing, gamers could play Android game and Streaming at same time with powerful MSI gaming notebook, this is really great add on value!
GL73 8SE

Better Interior Design on Cooling, Speaker and Extra Slots

After all these benchmarks, check the devil in the detail inside the GL73 8SE. Take a look inside the GL73 interior design, the Cooler Boost 5 cooling design comes with 2 high speed fans and 7 heatpipes separated design for CPU and GPU, that’s really powerful thermal solution to cool down RTX2060 or even higher GPU boost. 2 SSD slots for M.2 NVMe/SATA Combo upgrade usage, and 1 HDD drive space. Take a look on the Giant Speakers, it’s really much bigger chamber design, and larger speaker size as well, that makes the sound quality better than most of other same level notebooks, especially on the human vocal detail quality is good. The sound volume almost up to 100dBA, it’s really much launder on sound experience.
GL73 8SE

Verdict: GL73 8SE, the Powerful notebook with Gaming Spirit

If you go through all the performance and features, you could realized that GL73 is a bit low profile but very good value gaming notebooks, drive the RTX 2060 graphics at highest performance, and still have many gaming features for gamers and power users.

The heavy loading games and tests on RTX 2060 graphics is really outstanding, it’s indeed much faster than GTX 1070, even faster than many RTX2070 Max-Q models in the market. Maybe the RTX graphics feature is not popular at this moment, but the Ray Tracing and Tensor Core will improve not only gaming real time lighting experience, but also the AI simulation performance. This is the future feature for more and more games to develop more usages on the RTX Cores with Turing Architecture.

GL73 8SE is highly recommend to most gamers and users who need the real performance with powerful cooing system, better sound and unique MSI APP Player, all these extra features makes the GL73 8SE more attractive with good price range!
GL73 8SE
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