GTA V Mods

By Shrek |

Mods are plentiful for GTA V, and one is more outrageous than the next. We figured we’d give you a reason to go back and revisit GTA V if you’ve already shelved it and feel like you’re done with it.

The Pet Shark mod – Ever feel like Franklin’s dog Chop is a bit useless or dull? Turn him into a shark! He’ll still function just like Chop, meaning he barks and fetches, and can come along on a car ride, but it’s a hilarious experiement to remind us why gaming should be done on PC. Download here:


Grand Theft Zombies is another mod that adds something different to the game. The name gives it away, but it will basically put you in a war zone, being hunted by zombies, wherever you go. Download here:


One of our newest favorites though, must be the Mario Kart V mod. Truth be told, they’re two separate mods, one is a Mario mask, while the other is the Kart itself. Roam the streets and cause mayhem as everyone’s favorite childhood plumber – or his much-overlooked brother. Maybe even as Toad, Yoshi or Wario? The choice is yours.
Mario Mask:


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