From phones, monitors, to laptops, more and more devices have adopted the “bezel-less” or “all-screen” design by minimizing the bezels around the display. As of 2019, anything that still comes with a traditional “thick bezels” seems to be considered outdated. But aside from the more modern looks, just what benefit exactly does having less bezel contribute to?

Thin Bezel Devices

It's pretty straight-forward for monitors, taking up less room and a more seamless multi-screen experience are always welcome. Phones have also moved towards smaller bezels for obvious reason: one can only hold a certain sized phone before it becomes uncomfortable to use. Therefore, smaller bezels mean more room for display. While phones also have to trade physical buttons and places to grip for the “all-screen” experience, luckily laptops don't share the pain!

Benefit 1: Smaller Body (Compactness)

Like many other devices that comes with a screen, laptop sizes are identified in inches, with 13-, 14-, 15-, 17-inch design making up majority of the formfactors.

So a 15" laptop must be bigger than a 14" laptop, right?

No, not necessarily.

The numbers merely specify the size of the display (the diagonal length of the screen), and do not account for the extra bezel width. This is where the thinner bezels come into play. By incorporating a thinner bezel design, manufacturers can reduce the “dead-width” around the screen. Such design shrinks the overall dimension, making the laptop more compact without sacrificing the viewport.

Compared to a traditional 17” laptop, a 17" thin bezel laptop today can be over 2cm smaller in both width and depth, or about 15% smaller surface. (thickness not calculated)

Benefit 2: Bigger Screen

Such claim might seem counter-intuitive at first, but it's actual the same as the case for phones. If laptops are becoming more compact through minimizing bezels, your bag that’s previously meant to hold a 15” laptop can now fit a 17” thin-bezel laptop!

A naming nightmare for the accessory brands, but a clear win for consumers.

Benefit 3: That sleek and modern aesthetics

Yes. Practical benefits aside, being eye-pleasing alone is worth a point.

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