MSI Sound Tune
Owing to the impact of the epidemic and to avoid becoming serious, our lifestyles have changed a lot. For instance, office workers turn to work from home, and students have become home-based e-learning so as to reduce the frequency of contacting outside world and the risk of mutual infection. Though we could spend more time with our family, it’s significant to have spacious room or personal space to prevent obstruction by environmental sounds, such as pet calls, children crying or the sounds made by family members. It bothers a lots during video conference, performing a live game broadcast, or playing games especially need to communicate with our teammates. That will invisibly reduce the efficiency of communication, which may lead to longer meeting, or lose the game as miss the best timing. It should be quite frustrating no matter which situation we face.
MSI Sound Tune
MSI Sound Tune defines the new way of noise cancellation, leading the industry by integrating deep learning AI technology for signal processing. Through Deep Neural Network(DNN), more than 0.5 billion Synthetic Noisy Speech Data were trained, resulting in a trained model that simulates how the human brain functions. Not limited by any kind of noise, the model can identify human voice at sceneries with complicated noise, and filter the non-vocal sounds, greatly enhance the call experience under different noise environments.
MSI Sound Tune
How do we access MSI Sound Tune to improve the quality of communication? You can easily activate this useful function in MSI Dragon Center/ Creator Center. Just click the "Noise Cancel" at the Home tab.
MSI Sound Tune
The next step is turning on the switch of Noise cancel.
There are 2 kinds of Noise Cancel functions that you could choose.
Just switch on the mode by your need.

1. Speaker Noise Cancel

This is designed when someone talks in a noisy environment and you want to hear the vocal clearly. It’s quiet helpful for communication, and far beyond the similar software in the market.
MSI Sound Tune
In addition, if you are watching video, and the video is full of background noise, you could also activate the "Speaker Noise Cancel" and change the playback device to "MSI Sound Tune" to remove the noise.
Ex. Youtube/Media player
MSI Sound Tune

2. Microphone Noise Cancel

This is designed when you stay in a noisy environment and you want to send the clear vocal.
MSI Sound Tune
You undoubtedly can activate both modes if you or your company are in really horrible environments.
In this situation, you just need to check the voice setting of the meeting software, broadcasting software, or VOIP applications etc.
Remember to make sure the audio device is "MSI Sound Tune".
Ex. Skype
MSI Sound Tune

Ex. Discord
MSI Sound Tune
Now you can enjoy the “crystal clear” communication with your colleagues, friends, or audience with the latest MSI Dragon Center & Creator Center.
You could find MSI Sound Tune in GT/GS/GE/Creator/Prestige series with 10th Gen. Intel Processor (or newer). For explore more detailed information, please click the below link.