MSI provides the tools to become No.1 in Gaming, but you still need the skills to get there. To help you get to the top of the score charts, we have created 15 Rules to be the ultimate overlord, the absolute 'No. 1 in Gaming'. So stick to these rules and see you on the battlefield of champions!

RULE #1:
Don't hate the game.
And don't hate the players.rule1-how-to-become-no-blog

Nobody likes big whiners, they always get muted or ignored. Play the game with style. Enjoy it and if you don't like the game, don't play it! Haters are always going to hate.

RULE #2:
Accept a defeat.
Celebrate your wins like champ.
You can't win 'em all and we all began as n00bs at some point. There will be a moment when you lose. Even the best players know when they are outmatched. Accept your defeat, learn from it and crush your opponent another day. But when you win, celebrate like there is no tomorrow!

RULE #3:
Sometimes you must take them all on your own.
When all others fail, you will need to be strong. There will be times when there is no back-up, and you just have to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat. This is what you’re born to do, let them see why your the best. OORAH!!!

RULE #4:
Don’t let yourself get distracted.
Gaming is a top sport, you need a lot of exercise, patience and concentration to become No.1. That means you can’t use any distractions from the outside. So be prepared! Clear your agenda, turn off your phone, barricade your door and take some snacks. It's time for some serious gaming!

RULE #5:
Players get chicks.
Gamers get achievements.

A real No. 1 knows how to get the most out of games and doesn't quit until he finishes them all. Including all the achievements they can get their hands on. That's the only way to level up.


RULE #6:
Always get more gear, moola or weapons than your opponents.
There is always a bigger gun, or fish? Or both! You don't need it, but you really want it. To keep your advantage, grab all the gear, money or weapons you can get. Your opponent will never know what hit him.

RULE #7:
Players win games.
Teams win champoinships.
We will all stand together and win this, or die trying. Team-members have your back and with all the combined strength and intelligence, you will win more as a team than when going solo. One for all, and all or one. It's time to win some trophies!

RULE #8:
Camp in a forest.
Not in a game.
Camping is a great skill in the 'oh so wonderful' real-life. The peace and quiet, lovely nature surroundings. But in-game camping is not done!! Camping requires little skill, real champions hunt their prey. No guts, no glory

RULE #9:
Learn the language.
o7, GL & HF M8. G3t r34dy f0r s0m3 m4d l00t. Learn to communicate with your enemies!

RULE #10:
Turn your music off when your mic is on.
No mic breathing either.
Darth Vader is cool, but not when you're in the middle of a really hard online match. You need all the concentration of the Force for this battle. So when you're not speaking: mute your mic, decrease the sensitivity of voice activation levels or simply use Push-to-Talk. Then the Force is strong with you. Or you can use MSI's Nahimic audio that gives you complete control of your audio

RULE #11:
Learn usefull skills at LAN parties.
Like how to properly use duct tape.
Computer falling apart? Duct tape! Can't stay awake? Duct tape! No place at a LAN party? Duct tape! Duct tape makes all your problems go away. One of the many things you can learn at LAN parties. They're the Social Club for gamers, the parties where you can show off your gaming skills. It can level up your Gaming Social Life, check some pro tips for LAN parties here.

RULE #12:
Practice your game face.
It's just like poker, don't give anything away when you're playing. Just stay cool and look great. Now show me your war face!

RULE #13:
Never give up, never surrender.
LLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRROOOYYY JENKINS! Never stop trying, even when all is lost. It's only truly over if  you surrender. Remember: gamers don't die, they just respawn.

RULE #14:
Take gaming seriously.
But not too seriously.
You can take gaming seriously, but where do you draw the line? When your game is getting the best of you, remember that you can simply step away from the computer and try again later.

RULE #15:
Never go AFK in a match.
How do you become No. 1 if you're not playing? There is nothing worse than teammates going AFK during a match, so don’t do it unless you absolutely have to. Just keep on playing till the game is over! You can sleep while browsing social media websites. ;)