So you got yourself a MSI Aegis 3 Gaming Desktop or you are looking to buy one. Well, you are on a good path! The MSI Aegis 3 is a good choice for your gaming needs now ánd in the future. The system is built to upgrade and it gives you access to its components easily. In this way, you can boost the system up to the latest specs required for games and you’ll be in possession of a long lasting Gaming station.
To make this easy so that everybody can do it, we have made a comic to help you out. This is ‘How to upgrade the MSI Aegis 3 Gaming Desktop’.

These are the parts we show you how you can upgrade them:

  1. Graphics Card

For gamers, this is the most important component and we placed it vertically to keep it safe during transport and to keep the system compact.

  1. M.2 SSD and Memory

To get fast loading speeds or install more games you can add M.2 SDD storage or even extend the memory to get more performance in games that require more memory.

  1. 3.5” and 2.5” HDD storage

If you want to store large or many files like movies or photos, you can add HDD storage.