Interview with the team captain of MSI-EvoGT’s FPS squad

By Shrek |

MSI-EvoGT was officially established on 19 March 2012 to serve as the brand representative of MSI in Philippines. MSI-EvoGT has achieved great honors in WCG and is now a fan chased-after eSport team. Here, we have an exclusive interview with the team captain of MSI-EvoGT’s FPS squad. Fans now is going to have chances to get into their life stories.   As a professional gamer, how many hours do you practice per day? We usually practice 4 hours a day. Since the team members have to commit to their ordinary jobs, we are unable to dive into gaming. However, we will make sure to practice 8 hours a day, when a big event is coming.   Please tell us what your preparation was for the 2013 WCG. We asked for a leave from our ordinary jobs for 1 month. Hence, we could focus on the WCG Event. Actually, it was a gamble. If we didn't have got good score on place well enough for the said tournament, all of our preparations would have been for nothing. Besides, the Good news was- we did manage to get a decent amount of money to cover up our expenses during the WCG Event.   Please tell us the most unforgettable tournament in your experience. The most unforgettable tournament experience I had is the semi-finals match, which against a Germany team. I do remember it was a 1v4 situation. I was down to 1 HP, but finally I killed four of our enemy. This round really gave us an important morale boost, and then we did win the semi-finals match, which provided us the chance to the grand finals.     Please tell us the most unforgettable country you have been to. It's hard to say. Since most of the countries, which I've been to– all have different cultures. The only thing I could say is – I really enjoyed my stays in Taiwan, China, Korea, and US.   Besides gaming, what do you do for recreation in your leisure time? Spending time with my family is always fun. Also, I love eating and love trying out new stuff. Moreover, I also enjoy playing basketball, going out, and watching  Korean dramas with my family :)   Please tell us how MSI-EvoGT team was formed. How did you guys meet up? I came from the Legendary Philippine Counter-Strike 1.6 team HoA. After I could not enjoy playing with my former teammates anymore, I decided to form a team.Thus, I recruited Kart and Royce from another good team called LaQs. Then, we also recruited Dale and Nasmi, two upcoming stars for CrossFire.   Any suggestions you would like to give to gamers who want to go for professional level. Just Practice! It is very hard to become good at something. You have to put in Effort and Dedication. All the professional gamers have acquired their skills throughout practice and dedication. It would be a long and stressful road, but you just have to push yourself to the limit. Then finally, you could reach the gold at the end of the rainbow :)   EVO EVO1

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