Game of thrones is probably the most anticipated show in the first half of the year in 2019. Whether you like the plot twist or not, we can all agree that the Battle of Winterfell was so dark that many people were left with confusion after this episode that takes 8 seasons to build up was finished. If you are one of them, instead of trying to convince yourself that the darkness was intended by the director for some poetic meaning, or that your streaming service was bad at providing high quality images, you should get yourself a MSI gaming monitor featuring Night Vision, because you deserve it.

Night Vision is the new feature just got added into MSI's monitor configuration software- Gaming OSD App, it computes in a smart way so that it can amplify the details in the dark area of the screen, as opposed to brutally brightening the whole screen and cause some areas to overexpose. Night Vision offers many level of adjustment, from completely off to “strongest”, allowing gamers to adjust in different kind of visually challenging dark scenes. What’s worth mentioning is that, Night Vision also offers “AI” mode, which gives the full access for your monitor to compute and manipulate what’s being shown on the screen. In AI mode, your monitor will not only brighten up the several dark areas if it thinks it provide a better visual, it might also darkening certain places to add more contrast in the image and create an overall comfortable and pleasing images.

*User can find new Night Vision feature in Gaming OSD 2.0

Note that MSI had a similar function called “Black Tuner” in the older version of Gaming OSD App. You can consider Night Vision as a upgraded version of Black Tuner, as it correctly enhance the details of the dark area without making the bright area over-exposed, whereas Black Tuner simply increase the overall brightness of the scene.

For more Night Vision demo, please check our video about night vision:
If you are curious about the MSI’s brand new monitors that have Night Vision. Have a look at our MAG321CURV, it is a 4K curved HDR monitor that comes with Night Vision, or MAG322CQRV, a 2K ultra curved 1500R monitor.