Keeping MSI Aegis cool and quiet


Posted on August 11 2016

Gamers always find their Gaming PC specifications important, but sometimes forget or ignore that the cooling ability. This is an important part of the Gaming Desktop performance. If you want your Gaming PC’s performance to be powerful you should also equip your system with a great cooling system; otherwise it will not have the maximum performance when you are playing games or do other high performance tasks.

If we take a look at any generic case design, all the components are in the same space and there is only one air flow path for all components. Because of this design, all the hot air from the CPU, graphics card and PSU mix together. This will concur because the components are in the same chamber.

stanard case▲【Air flow design in generic case】

Unlike generic cases, MSI Aegis series has an exclusive cooling system named Silent Storm Cooling. It separates the different thermal zones of the system so that there are different cooling chambers. In this way the CPU, GPU and PSU can have their own airflow. In addition, in some of the models we put liquid cooling. What doesn't only make these systems cool but also quiet.

MSI Aegissilentstorm22 Seperate airflow chambers
MSI Aegis X msi-logo-silent_storm_cooling_2_pro-white2 Seperate airflow chambers + liquid CPU cooling
MSI Aegis Timsi-logo-silent_storm_cooling_pro_3-white3 Seperate airflow chambers + liquid CPU cooling

Silent Storm Cooling

Speaking about SILENT storm cooling. According to our tests, the Silent Storm Cooling system is also really quiet when the system is in the full load. So in this way you can fully trust the special cooling design of MSI Aegis to substantially reduce the heat for the system.

MSI Aegis sound levels


MSI Aegis X sound levels





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