Have you ever experienced uncomfortable eye strain after playing video games or using the computer for too long? In 2022, the graphics development lets games provide spectacular scenes and great content which we can explore. There are many possible reasons which can cause eye fatigue after an extended gaming session such as image tearing, low frame rate, or even lag. But there is one invisible factor we tend to ignore – The high-energy visible light (HEV).

The high-energy visible light (HEV light) is high-frequency, high-energy light in the violet/blue band from 400 to 450 nm in the visible spectrum which might make your eyes uncomfortable under an HEV environment for the long period. Whether we’re working or gaming, we are constantly exposed to the HEV of our monitor display. In the past, we relied on blue light reduction via software solution to reduce the range of HEV, but it comes to the reduction of blue range in the color spectrum which makes our screen display appear yellow.

Less Blue Light

The software solution can reduce the HEV, but normally no one will use this during gaming because the yellow tone looks washed out and takes away from the gaming experience.

Less Blue Light

This is why MSI offers a superior option on our gaming display – Less Blue Light Premium which is a hardware solution of less blue light reduction technology that can reduce HEV but still maintain the same picture quality without yellow tone screen display. This technology is built-in in the panel layer which means it is always on that users don’t need to turn it on/off manually.

How can the hardware solution reduce harmful blue light but still maintain the color performance? The technology is like “moving the peak of wavelength” and condenses the spectrum. Therefore reducing the risk that of suffering from harmful blue light range and also keeping the original color performance instead of a yellow tone.

Less Blue Light

MSI offers 3 levels of Less Blue Light technology to protect our gamers' eyes and 2 of them are using hardware solutions. Less Blue Light Premium is our highest level of this technology and is certified by TÜV and Eyesafe Standard. Another option offered by MSI is Less Blue Light Pro which is also using hardware solution but only certified by TÜV.

The only difference between Less Blue Light Premium and Pro is Eyesafe®. Eyesafe Standards focus on the HEV light that is emitted by digital devices and relies on two updated standards from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to guide our product development: Z80.3 and Z87.1. In review of the current research, the known and unknown health impacts from cumulative use of digital devices, Eyesafe standards summarize measurement methods and defines criteria for display products including smartphones, tablets, notebook and desktop computers, commercial displays, and televisions.

Less Blue Light
Less Blue Light
Certified by TÜV
Certified by TÜV and Eyesafe