Let’s check the DirectX performance of the new WS72 series

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The ultra slim 17.3" mobile workstation, WS72, is a perfect mix and match of power and portability and possesses all powerful workstation features:

- Packed with Intel’s latest 6th Generation Core-i7 processors and supports DDR4-2133 for supreme data transmission speed /Built-in the Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1505M v5 with the benefit of Error Correcting Code (ECC) DDR4 memory. (*Optional on WS72 6QJ Series.)
- Powered by NVIDIA’s Quadro M-series GPU, the latest MSI WS72 mobile workstations enjoy great advantages of the state-of-the-art Maxwell architecture.
- Super RAID 4 boosts extreme read speeds over 3300MB/s. (*Optional on WS72 6QJ Series.)
- PCI-E Gen3 X4 M.2 SSD boosts extreme read speeds up to 2200MB/s.
- Thunderbolt™ 3 delivers higher transmission speed, greater pixel density for up to dual 4K external monitors, and portable charging power up to 5V/3A,
- Nahimic Audio Enhancer creates directional sound effects for true professionals.
- Certificated by Adobe, Autodesk, Solidworks, PTC and other varies independent software vendor (ISV).
Compare  DirectX11 performance on different GPU platforms - Quadro M2000M/M1000M/M600M vs. Geforce GTX960M/950M and 940M
The new line of NVIDIA mobile Quadro GPUs, as well as NVIDIA GTX 900M series graphics, encompass the entry to mid-range segment of the professional graphics card market.

The reason we want to make this comparison test to see the GPU performance of mobile workstation and gaming notebook is because that we have received so many inquiries asking us if one can play games at ultra settings on workstation platform while still getting similar extreme gaming experience as they do on MSI gaming notebooks. Well, the truth is, the DirectX performance of Quadro M series graphics (for workstation) is actually at similar level as GTX 900M series graphics (for gaming noteboos). Therefore, the answer to the question is “the New nVIDIA Quadro Graphics Actually Play Games As Good As GTX Graphics!

The DirectX performance of Quadro M2000M and GeForce GTX 960M are of about the same level whereas Quadro M1000M similar to GeForce GTX 950M and Quadro M600M similar to GeForce 940M.
If we look into the the CUDA cores and memory interface design, the latest nVIDIA Quadro M and GeForce 900M series graphics are Maxwell platform refresh. The Quadro M2000M has 640 CUDA Cores with 128bit memory interface and 5000MHz GDDR5. Both are the same as nVIDIA GTX960M graphics’. Just that the size of memory of nVIDIA GTX960M is 2GB.

Moreover, the Quadro M1000M and GTX950M have the same 128bit memory interface. However, the CUDA Core of Quadro M1000M is less than GTX950M.
Finally, both Quadro M600M and GT 940M have 384 CUDA Cores with 128bit memory interface. However, the memory interface of Quadro M600M is 5000MHz GDDR5 which is lower than the 64bit DDR3 of GT940M’s.

We present 3DMark11 P mode benchmark data below for your reference.

Then we take a look on the performance level, previous generation NVIDIA Quadro M2000M got P5520 score on 3D Mark 11 Performance mode, which is the same performance compared with GTX960M.

And another, Then we take a look on the performance level, previous generation NVIDIA Quadro M1100M got P4400 score on 3D Mark 11 Performance mode, which is only 95.6% compared with GTX950M score.

Then the Quadro M600M got P2050 score on 3D Mark 11 Performance mode, which is up 122% compared with GTX940M score.

Let’s come back to the original concept, the latest Maxwell platform of NVIDIA Quadro M2000M, M1100M and M620M graphics getting much faster for DirectX11 performance, that not only helps for gaming, but also helps for DirectX11 API modeling, this helps game developers to use latest MSI WT72(6QJ/6QI), WS72(6QJ/6QI/6QH) and WS60(6QJ/6QI/6QH) with Quadro graphics to create their artworks, also use their WT72, WS72 and WS60 to play their own designed games to see the final effects!

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