What is system latency?

System latency is the time between action and result. When you click your mouse, the system will begin to calculate. Eventually, the action which you command will show on your display.

What is system latency

So how doessystem latency effect gaming?
When you aim and shoot the target, the signal will be sent out to the system and meanwhile, the target is still moving. If system latency is long enough, you could miss the shot. Because the latency is too long, the game engine determines that you missed your shot.

Nvidia Reflex

To help you defeat your enemy and win each battle, Nvidia announced the new feature: “Nvidia Reflex”.
It can optimize the time of system latency to increase your hit rate. By using NVIDIA RTX 30 series GPU and monitor with an extremely high refresh rate, you can get a better experience when you play.

Disable V-Sync then enable NVIDIA Reflex in games

So far most esports games already support NVIDIA Reflex. We believe it will be supported in more games later on. For lower system latency we need to disable V-Sync first in-game. Below, we will use Valorant and Apex Legends as setting examples.

In Setting -> Video –> Enable Nvidia Reflex Low Latency

- Apex Legends
In Setting -> Video –> Enable Nvidia Reflex
Apex Legends

As you can see, there are three options on the Nvidia Reflex setting. Off, On and On+Boost. Each definition is listed below for your reference.

On: Optimize system latency.

On+Boost: Optimize system latency. Additionally, GPU clock frequencies will keep high in CPU-bound cases. It can reduce latency and increase GPU power draw.

How to check your latency?

After enabling NVIDIA Reflex, how do we know it works? By activating the OSD analyzer in GeForce Experience, we can easily monitor the PC+Display latency when you're in the game.

Notes: This function only woks in New G-Sync monitors.

First, plug the mouse (best if it supports NVIDIA Reflex) into the USB port on the monitor. The NXG253R is an NVIDIA Reflex certified model. Remember to connect the USB cable Type A To Type micro-B between PC and monitor.

How to check your latency

Then, turn on “PC+Display Latency” as shown below in monitor OSD menu with jostick button.

PC+Display Latency

Setup analyze area on the screen for monitoring

In games, we need to set the detection area to measure latency precision. The G-SYNC measuring the latency is via the time required for pixel changes.Go to the OSDmenu and choose “Show Rectangle” to activatethe green rectangle which is the detection area. You can use “Rectangle Location” and “Rectangle Size” to set up the location or detect area size. Then activateNVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer

Setup analyze area on the screen for monitoringy

Please download and installlatest NVIDIA Geforece Experience.
Then open Geforce Experience page, by pressing ALT+Z and choose “Performance”

Please download and installlatest NVIDIA Geforece Experience

Choose setting in red frame

Choose setting in red frame

Choose latency

Choose latency

Press ALT+R, to call the dashboard

Press ALT+R, to call the dashboard

Then we can know the system latency is fast enough or not when you play. For more information on setting please check Nvidia website:https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/technologies/reflex/

MSI NXG253R X GM41 Combo

MSI NXG253R X GM41 Combo

The NXG23R is one of our Esports gaming monitors. Just in April, our Esports Gaming logo obtained trademark certification. The Esports Gaming Series focuses on meeting the needs of players who are eager to win. The NXG253R is equipped with 1920X1080 resolution, rapid IPS, 360hz and 1ms respond time (GTG). It’s a built-in G-sync processor so that you can take on any game without tearing, stuttering, flicker.

The GM41 weighs just 65 grams, allowing gamers to effortlessly move and aim with agility and accuracy.
A high-end optical sensor with extremely precise tracking delivers high-speed reliability at 400 IPS and pinpoint accuracy up to 16000 DPI with a 1ms polling rate. The OMRON switches rated for 60 million clicks are durable and reliable.

NXG253R and GM41 are both verified by Nvidia. At the time you enjoy playing the smooth and fast experience in-game word, you can use Nvidia Reflex Latency Analyzer to detect the system latency. It delivers a precise measurement of your PC's performance.

Benchmark Table (10900KF, 3060Ti, MNT:NXG253R, Mouse:GM41)

-Apex Legends
Apex Legends

-Latency by refresh rate
-Apex Legends
Apex Legends


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