[Taipei, Taiwan]The OSD display has several functions that can help you adjust the display setting. Now it has new functions making the MSI monitor all the smarter. The function is called Gaming Intelligent, short for G.I. Gaming Intelligent aims to make your monitor's daily use easier. It helps reduce the process of monitor settings. Whatever you are gaming or at work, G.I. will make you more efficient.


The KVM stands for keyboard, video, and mouse. This function allows you to control two devices at the same time with one set of keyboard and mouse. Usually, one set of keyboard and mouse only can control one device. If you use a laptop and PC at the same time, you need to change the keyboard and mouse to work. Once using KVM, you can control two devices with the same keyboard and mouse. It’s convenient for those who need to use two devices to work. Below is the setting tutorial.


1. To use KVM, please connect a Type B cable to monitor and device.
2. Connect keyboard and mouse to monitor.
3. Connect Type C to another device.

Finished above setting, KVM is ready to use. And look at OSD, There are three options in G.I. – KVM.
Auto: The USB signal follows the monitor input source.
Upstream: Fixed USB signal to Type B cable connecting device.
Type C: Fixed USB signal to Type C connecting device.

Sound Tune

Sound Tune is a function for noise canceling. Record the sound in front of the monitor and reduce the surrounding sounds. It is annoying when your speaker picks up unwanted sounds when you're gaming. With Sound Tune, we can easily improve your hearing experience. The setting of Sound Tune is very simple.

1. Connect HDMI or DP or Type C to the device.
2. Connect Type B cable to device and monitor.
3. Turn on Sound Tune in OSD.
4. Use USB microphone

Here is a Sound Tune demo. When Sound Tune is off, we can hear the sound of children playing when the people are online meeting. With Sound Tune on, the sound almost disappears. Sound Tune is pretty helpful for online meetings or communicating during games.

Smart Crosshair

Sometimes the color of the crosshair is the same as the background color, and that makes aiming harder because we can’t see the crosshair clearly. With the smart crosshair, the color of the crosshair can be changed automatically according to the game’s background.

Smart Crosshair

The left picture shows the past crosshair function in OSD. As you can see, the color of crosshair is similar to the background color. Then we opened OSD -> G.I. -> Smart Crosshair -> Choose Auto. The color of the crosshair turns to sky blue automatically. It is very easy to see it on the dark red rock.

Auto Brighness Control

Imagine yourself turning off the light and ready to play games or watch movies. When the room turns dark, the original brightness of monitor will be too bright. You need to adjust the brightness otherwise it makes viewership very uncomfortable. With Auto Brightness Control, you don’t need to adjust the brightness every time.

Auto Brighness Control

This function works with the help of a sensor in the monitor. The sensor would detect the brighness of enviroment change, and adjust the monitor bightness accordingly. There are three options in Auto Brightness Control. Off, Auto and Customize.
- Off: Turn off the function.
- Auto: Change the brightness of according to the enviroment.
- Customize: Allow users to adust the brightness on their own.

Ambient RGB Light

The sensor not only detects brightness, but also detects color temperature. When the sensor detects warm light, the display will change to a warmer image. When it detects cool light, the display will change to cooler image.

Ambient RGB Light


The MPG323CQR is euipped G.I. It has sensor and microphone under the screen to help make Sound Tune , Auto Brightness Control and Ambient RGB Light work properly. The MPG323CQR also has 1000R curvature, resolution 2560x1440, 165Hz, 1ms and FreeSync Premium. The 1000R curvature provides you with the most immersive viewing experience. The 1000R curvature also physically matches the human eyes’s shape and can help reduce eye fatigue.

List of Products with G.I. Mode


Optix MPG321QRF-QD [coming soon]
Optix MPG321UR-QD [coming soon]
*Actual Features in G.I. please check the product spefication

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