Most Powerful NB Cooling of Cooler Boost Titan for GT83VR and GT73VR


Posted on August 21 2016

The latest mobile platform GeForce GTX 1080/1070/1060 graphics just launched this week, the good news is this time the GeForce GTX 10xx series got totally same performance as Desktop GTX 10xx graphics, the bad news is that the power consumption and heat also coming to another higher level on the notebooks.

When we take a look on the market, only could see that MSI already have more than 9 models start to sell in the market. Do you know why? Because the power consumption and cooling system become the most critical part to design and handle with care, otherwise it will overheat or drop the performance easily, the notebook will also be shorten on working lifetime for end users.
Cooler Boost Titan with 15 heatpipes, Born for Extreme Performance GT Notebooks!
If you know something about cooling, you will know that MSI is the very notebook maker, they know the Cooling System design is the most important point to create the extreme performance notebook platform. When other vendors still using 3~4 pipes and 2 smaller fans for their top level notebooks, their trusted users will suffered by overheat or throttling and only could get less performance with disappointment.
Below is the cooling design of GT83VR Titan SLI, the only model comes with Core i7 6820HK overclocked CPU and GeForce GTX 1080 SLI graphics, when you see these 3 conditions, you will feel it most over 600W of power consumption, but Cooler Boost Titan for GT83VR comes with 15 heatpipes for GTX 1080 SLI version, 2 huge Whirlwind 29 blades fans for dual graphics, 1 more dedicate fan for overclocked CPU,
12 heatpipes for dual graphics, already same cooling performance as Desktop GTX 1080 graphics card, make 3 heatpipes for 45W CPU with good overclock capability. The whole Cooler Boost Titan design makes the GT83 with 4GHz CPU and dual GTX 1080 SLI with performance boost could keep under 80C of the temperature with stress tests.

Cooler Boost Titan cooling design already the same level cooling performance as desktop GTX 1080 graphics as below!


GT73VR with Cooler Boost Titan of best total cooling solution.
When we take a look on a 17.3” notebook with under 3.9kgs and smaller then same level competitors product, you will not believe that MSI could install a 6820HK CPU with overclock to 4GHz~4.2GHz capability, not mention its able to have dual GeForce GTX 1070 SLI graphics with 12 heat pipes by dual Whirlwind blade fans for it’s cooling system. As below image from GT73VR video clip, you could see that 9 heatpipes for dual GTX 1070 graphics, 3 heatpipes for CPU, that’s also the most powerful cooling design for current 17.3” gaming notebooks within a under 3.9kgs weight design.

Below is the GT73VR of single GeForce GTX 1080 graphics of Cooler Boost Titan cooling design, not only the GPU module comes with MXM card, but also equipped with 7 heatpipes, that makes the GT73VR could overclock CPU up to 4GHz~4.2GHz, more over, GPU core could add up to 200MHz, VRAM clock could add up to 300MHz, thanks to the great MSI software called “Dragon Center” to handle everything related to hardware monitor and setup overclock modes.
On NVMe PCI-E side, you could also see the big heatsink with it, this could make sure that Super RAID 4 of GT83VR and GT73VR could keep stable performance around 3200MB/s to 3300MB/s with its lower temperature and X-Boost for faster storage access.

To See Is to Believe, to Burn-In is to be Reliable
With the greatest cooling in 17.3” gaming notebook, GT73VR with Core i7 6820HK and GeForce GTX 1080 graphics is capable to overclock both CPU and GPU, the gaming performance of 3D Mark 11 P score is easily up to P21000 score and very stable gaming experience for all VR Gears or 4K gaming, that’s you will never have from other same level gaming notebooks before.

Cooler Boost Titan: Boost to Drop 10Degree C on CPU and CPU temperature!
Another fantastic skill of Cooler Boost Titan cooing design, is the 150% speed of “Cooler Boost” key, mostly the AUTO mode of Cooler Boost control will make the fan speed from 1500rpm to 3700rpm depends on the heat and power consumption status, even with a high stress burn-in test, the CPU maintain 3.1GHz~3.4GHZ with under 84 degree C, the GeForce GTX 1080 maintain over 1590MHz Core clock with under 85 degree C as below image, and the fan noise keep under 53dBA.

But when we click the “Cooler Boost” key on right side of the GT series notebook, or we enable “Cooler Boost” function form Dragon Center UI, both fan will boost up from 3400rpm to 4900rpm, that makes the CPU temperature drop to 72 degree C which was 12 degree C less than AUTO mode, the GPU temperature drop to 76 degree C, which was 9 degree C drop. That’s mission fantastic for the extreme performance gaming platform like GT73VR and GT83VR.
Conclusion: Titan is Ready to Extreme!
If you have any doubt on the cooling system of other notebooks, you definitely should look into MSI GT73VR and GT83VR gaming notebooks with Cooler Boost Titan, the best cooling design in the notebook industry which makes the CPU and GPU overclock looks like a piece of cake, the MXM graphics module design also could prevent the 150W~250W GPU temperature direct impact the whole motherboard like others.

MSI always think about the best solution for gamers for long term usage, not only think about their users deserve highest performance, also think more about user experience and product value!




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