Nowadays, countless high-level technical professionals bring infinite possibilities to our lives. Game streaming, space travel, autonomous vehicle... what has been unimaginable in the past is no longer unreachable. The Stealth GS77 is born to meet the needs of these techy elites.

The award-winning Stealth GS77 is the lightweight, powerful laptop for gaming and professional use. It also comes with a new "core black" color and a more durable zinc alloy hinge. Stealth GS77 adopts up to Intel's 12th Gen. Core i9 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics, which enable the most realistic gaming experience for gamers. Stealth GS77 is also "Meta-Ready" for you to experience Metaverse perfectly.

The Stealth GS77 is born to meet the needs of these techy elites

For those who purchased the new MSI Stealth GS77 or are interested in it, MSI has released a tutorial and know-how video on YouTube..

Stealth GS Series - 12th Laptop - Tutorial and Know-How Ep.3 | MSI

Here're some bonus tips and new features from the know-how mentioned in the video.

Expect an updated design with an overall larger and stronger chassis, the Stealth GS77 has a completely refreshed audio solution with 6x speakers. Built with 4 woofers plus 2 speakers, the Stealth GS77 delivers lively and immersive sound. This way, you can fill a room with your favorite music.

Built with 4 woofers plus 2 speakers

In addition to offering several fabulous panel options, Stealth GS77 is also equipped with a feature called "Matrix Display" where you can connect up to 3 external monitors. You can plug 3 monitor cables into three different ports including a HDMI™ port, USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C with Display, and Thunderbolt 4. That means you are able to have 4 screens performing 4 different tasks.

Matrix Display

One of the best things about this model is that, despite its ultra slim size, there’s still a dedicated fingerprint reader placed at the right side of the keyboard, and a FHD camera with IR support for facial recognition. This is a big plus, since many gaming laptops devoid biometric security.

MSI Center

If you don’t wanna miss any tips, just click the YouTube link to watch the video. Or check out the official product page via the link below to learn more the features of the Stealth GS77.