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Posted on March 16 2015

If you have visited the MSI Afterburner website recently, you may have found it to look a bit outdated... let's call it retro shall we?
Afterburner continues to be the most widely used, full-featured and dependable graphics card overclocking software available today. It works with graphics cards from any brand and is completely free! It provides accurate control of your graphics cards as well as an extensive overview of key system statistics. This is why Afterburner has been named the Gold standard of overclocking utilities by the well known tech website for 4 years in a row. msi-afterburner-logo
  We felt it was high time that the website for this immensely popular software received a much needed update to better match its legendary status among PC gamers and enthusiasts. AB_goldstandard We're excited to launch the new Afterburner page as an integrated part of the MSI GAMING website, where it can easily be found under the Features menu. Reanimated with fresh content, upgraded visuals highlighting the most important key features and using modern examples. Under the Downloads tab you will find a complete overview of all the essential software downloads constantly updated with the latest available versions. Afterburner is not just interesting for overclocking enthusiasts, it offers some very handy features for gamers to monitor and maximize your gaming rig's performance.
Hardware Monitor In-game FPS Counter Custom User Skins
 AB_hardwareinfo  AB_fpscounter  AB_skins
A detailed overview of your system's performance is key to making sure your games run smoothly. Keep a close eye on your system's performance in a customizable On Screen Display. Apply custom skins to make Afterburner match the look & feel of your gaming setup.
  Keep a close eye on the new Afterburner pages to find out what new content we will be adding very soon or simply to download the latest version!

Click here to visit the new Afterburner page!





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