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2015 has seen MSI take its first step into involvement in motor racing through a technical partnership with Liam Talbot Racing. The link may not seem apparent at first, but the more you think of it, the more it makes sense. Motor racing is all about going as fast as possible, through the means of high performance. Performance comes from high output, aerodynamics and low weight.


We’re not going to claim that the MSI products are shaped with aerodynamics in mind, that would be silly, but we do actually aim to create lightweight, usable products. One of these products, actually used by Talbot and his crew, is the GE62, which the team uses for video analysis and photo editing. The difference between the GE62 and the previous solution, weighing in at around 4kg, used by the team previously couldn’t be clearer, as Liam Talbot explains:

The mobility of the system is something that helps massively, as we travel around a lot. Every gram saved is worth its weight in gold when you travel as much as we do.”

Furthermore, the 2015 season will see LTR use MSI Workstation notebooks for trackside data analysis as well as a GT72 for its racing simulator back in the team’s native Australia.

Liam’s season started off in the best way possible with a class victory in Round 1 of the Blancpain Endurance Series at Monza in Italy in the thoroughly MSI branded Kessel Racing #111 Ferrari 458 Italia GT3.

About Liam Talbot Racing

Liam Talbot is a 32-year old Australian racing driver competing in the Blancpain Endurance series for the 2015 season. He may have only started his career at the age of 30, but his natural talent rapidly saw him progress from local club races to more advanced GT racing around the world. The ultimate goal for LTR is to compete in the world's most prestigious endurance race - The 24h of Le Mans.
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