MSI App Player is an Android emulator that developed by MSI and BlueStacks, which could be used to download and run the Apps from Google Play store through your MSI laptop. Through MSI App Player, mobile gamers no longer need to endure the small screen and low performance from mobile phone, and enjoy the uninterrupted gaming experience from now on. Recently, MSI released the latest version of MSI App Player, with brand new UI, a more concise interface and redesigned toolbar, also catering the whole new function—Console Mode, offering you a different way to play Android games.

msi app player

Benefit of MSI App Player

1. Controller-Friendly with Console Mode

controller friendly

↑You’re able to use controller through Console Mode.

You could play Android games by mouse and keyboard. For the latest version, you’re able to play by controller through Console Mode. Console mode is designed for playing Android games by using controllers and your TV/big screen. Simply press “Back + RB” on controller, it will transform your laptop into a console. Furthermore, the full-screen interface makes any tiny word readable, and you could completely enjoy the comfort on the couch, or even share the joy with friends in the living room party. Now controller from MSI GC20 / GC30, XBOX, PS4, Logitech are all supported in Console Mode.

*The latest version could be downloaded fromMSI App Player website.

Here are the steps to enable Console Mode:
msi console mode
↑Step 1. Firstly, connect your controller to laptop. Launch MSI App Player with latest version, then press “Back + RB” on controller to enable Console Mode.

msi controller for gaming
↑Step 2. Choose your game through your controller, “A” to decide, ”B” to cancel, and press “Start” to enable/disable the cursor.

↑Step 3. Now, enjoy your game through Console Mode!

2. Advanced Visual Experience

Owing to the hardware design, most of gamers could only have 60Hz refresh rate panel while playing through mobile phones. MSI APP Player supports up to 240 FPS with better reaction time and low latency, and with bigger screen to avoid eye discomfort.
*The actual frame rate may vary by panel’s refresh rate and game setting.

3.Hotkey Lighting

multi instance
↑Hotkey Lighting ensures a more intuitive way to operate while gaming.
MSI provides exclusive Hotkey Lighting in different game genres, and it could be turned on easily through MSI Center Gaming Mode. Gamers could act with more intuitive way and optimize the chance to win in the battlefield. * Hotkey Lighting only supported in specific games and MSI laptops with Per-Key RGB keyboard, including MSI GS / GE / GP Series

4.Play at Full Capacity

Compared to mobile phones, gaming laptops have better hardware design, providing much higher performance while playing Android games. In addition, better thermal design helps to dissipate extra heat, avoiding performance drop from overheat. Furthermore, laptops connecting to ethernet offer more stable connection than mobile phone’s Wi-Fi or 4G internet, providing uninterrupted gaming experience.

5. Multi-Instance

MAX FPS MAX Quality – NVIDIA Image Scaling
↑You could run multiple games simultaneously through Multi-Instance.
Running multiple games at the same time becomes possible, which means gamers could collect equipment or gain experience simultaneously in different games. In addition, it provides performance tuning through Multi-Instance Manager to better fit diverse circumstances in each instance.
* The number of instances supported will vary by model.
Now all the MSI gaming laptops are equipped with MSI App Player, including MSI GS / GE / GP / GL / GF / Delta / Alpha / Bravo series. For the latest MSI App Player version, please download from MSI App Player Website.