CES (formerly the Consumer Electronics Show) has been the global stage for innovation for over 50 years, with annual trade shows presenting brand-new products and technologies. This year’s no different, with CES 2023 right around the corner on 5th January 2023.

Numerous brands and businesses feature innovative products in the hopes of recognition. And like every year, several MSI products (13, to be precise) will yet again enjoy the limelight with CES 2023 Innovation Award Honors. Let’s meet some of them, shall we?

Introducing MSI’s CES 2023 Innovation Award Honorees

MEG Z790 GODLIKE Motherboard

MEG Z790 GODLIKE Motherboard

The GODLIKE series has always represented the absolute peak of PC gaming and overclocking. Now, the MEG Z790 GODLIKE pushes the envelope again – redefining what it means to be a high-end motherboard for serious enthusiasts and gamers who want it all.

It comes equipped with 26+2 Phases with a 105A Smart Power Stage to ensure that even the best 13th Generation Intel CPUs can overclock to their absolute limit. To help this along, the Z790 GODLIKE also features a premium thermal design that enables top-tier performance at lower temperature.

The MEG Z790 GODLIKE also boasts next-gen PCIe 5.0 slots – enabling a new era of bandwidth, with speeds reaching 128 GB/s (doubling speeds from last gen) on the PCIe slots (x16)!

High-speed storage expansion will never be a concern with the GODLIKE’s incredible 7 M.2 slots featuring a patented screwless and magnetic design for easy access to the slot under the M.2 Shield Frozr heatsink. Add to this next-gen wired and wireless connectivity with dual 10GbE + 2.5GbE LAN and Wi-Fi 6E for a lightning-fast networking experience.

The innovative M-Vision Dashboard is a touch-sensitive 4.5-inch full-color IPS LCD that acts as a hub to display system information like fan speeds and temps while also allowing you to customize and control your rig with a few taps!

MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 ATX 3.0 80-Plus Platinum Power Supply Unit (PSU)

MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 ATX 3.0 80-Plus Platinum Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Newer-gen graphics cards and PC hardware has become more demanding in general. What’s more, dealing with adapters seems counter-intuitive for many enthusiasts running top-tier hardware.

That’s where MSI’s MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 ATX 3.0 80-PLUS Platinum PSU comes into the picture. It boasts native support for the 12VHPWR connector on Nvidia’s newest graphics cards – removing the adapter from the equation. Now, a simple cable can connect your brand-new GeForce RTX™ 40 Series graphics card and this power supply, just like old times.

However, the MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 PSU is not just more convenient for modern hardware; it’s also safer, more reliable, and more efficient.

While the 80-Plus Platinum certification guarantees incredible power efficiency, meeting the ATX 3.0 standards ensures that it features additional robust safety and reliability features. Features like tackling much higher transient loads (momentary power surges) without breaking a sweat. This particular PSU is rated to handle 2x system load spikes and 3x GPU power load spikes – nearly eliminating random restarts caused by a surge!

The MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 Power Supply Unit also boasts silent operation with an intelligent sensor that detects power load and internal temps to adjust fan speeds automatically. If your power consumption is below 55% max load and temperatures are below 70 degrees Celsius, the PSU fan will stop spinning altogether.

MEG Trident X2 13th Gaming Desktop

MEG Trident X2 13th Gaming Desktop

What we had in mind when designing the first MEG Trident X2 Gaming PC was unabashedly elegant but powerful. And that’s precisely what it was!

The MEG Trident X2 13th builds upon that foundation and takes it to the next level with a powerful 13th Gen Raptor Lake Intel CPU Inside! However, it’s not just top-tier CPUs. You’ll also find Nvidia’s latest RTX 40-series graphics cards (yes, even an RTX 4090) inside for a sublime gaming experience.

The Silent Storm 3 cooling solution optimizes airflow by separating core components that generate the most heat into discrete chambers. An innovative Air Baffle design further enhances cooling by concentrating cold air, which the graphics card can absorb for excellent heat dissipation even in a relatively small space. This cooling design is accompanied by an MSI 280mm Liquid AIO that will keep your CPU cool, which allows for extended peak performance under heavy and gaming loads!

In addition to performing like a beast, the MEG Trident X 13th Gaming Desktop also offers a handy way to quickly and intuitively harness it. You can use the HMI 2.0 touch panel to tweak and monitor your system. From keeping tabs on your FPS in games to fan speeds, you gain access to a wealth of information at a glance. Supported Gaming Monitors will also allow you to control their Gaming Intelligence features using the screen on your desktop.

MEG 342C QD-OLED Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

MEG 342C QD-OLED Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

The MEG 342C QD-OLED features the latest and greatest in monitor technology – boasting an 1800R curved QD OLED ultrawide panel that delivers an incredibly immersive gaming experience. Its 3440 x 1440 resolution combines with a lightning-fast 175Hz refresh rate to provide excellent fluidity and eye-catching visuals in the latest games.

Every MEG 342C QD-OLED Gaming Monitor comes pre-calibrated to meet the industry standard for color accuracy with a Delta-E of <= 2! What’s more, it does this while offering an incredible 0.1ms GTG response time and the signature inky blacks of an OLED.

The MEG 342C QD-OLED Gaming Monitor also features a front lighting bar that allows you to unleash your creativity. Sync your screen to the light using Glow Sync, which lets the RGB change according to what’s happening on screen.

This high-end ultrawide MSI monitor continues the MEG series’ commitment to delivering exceptional performance and exquisite aesthetics for enthusiasts pursuing the very best.

MAG 275CQRX Gaming Monitor

MAG 275CQRX Gaming Monitor

Gamers have always been forced to pick between a large curved monitor and a low response time due to the relatively lackluster response times of traditional VA panels.

Now, the MAG 275CQRX Curved Gaming Monitor adopts the cutting-edge Rapid VA panel for an immersive 1000R curve, 250Hz refresh rate, incredible contrast, and low response time (1ms GTG) – finally, a monitor that does it all. It boasts a 2560x1440 (1440p) resolution that’s sprawled across a 27” curved display for crisp, immersive gaming sessions.

While the ultra-high 250Hz refresh rate enables fluid gaming like many other monitors, the MAG 275CQRX now delivers it on a curved panel with incredible contrast and color. The 1000R curve not only helps with better immersion, but it also matches the curvature of the human eye and reduces eye strain.

To top it all off, MSI’s Gaming Intelligence app allows gamers to adjust monitor settings and tweak their visual experience with an easy-to-use interface that won’t require you to fumble with buttons or joysticks at the back of a monitor.

MSI Modern MD271UL Business and Productivity Monitor

MSI Modern MD271UL Business and Productivity Monitor

The MSI Modern MD271UL is designed to deliver the ideal workspace for professionals who want to get work done. It features a 27” 4K IPS panel with 1.07 billion colors – allowing for crisp images and an expansive screen for multitasking.

Working long hours is sure to take a toll on our eyes, and frequent breaks are critical. However, some work sessions can still take a while. That’s exactly why the Modern MD271UL Monitor boasts industry-leading eye-care features with TUV certifications thanks to technologies like Less Blue Light and MSI Anti-Flicker Technology.

That’s not all, though! The Modern MD271UL takes eye care one step further with an innovative Eye-Q Check system. It allows users to test themselves for fatigue, astigmatism, and posture correction.

For example, here’s how the Amsler Grid tests for eye fatigue. The test requires you to keep your eyes focused on a dot at the center of the screen. If any lines appear wavy, blurred, or distorted, MSI recommends taking a 20-minute breather away from your desk. Similarly, users can trigger tests for Astigmatism and Posture Correction.

This monitor also grants you access to MSI Display Kit – allowing you to control your monitor using an easy-to-use interface without fumbling with hardware buttons. It also allows you to save profiles and presets that automatically apply when launching specific apps.

Charging using USB-C has become commonplace, and the monitor is equipped with a convenient 65W USB-C power delivery port to charge your smartphone/laptop on your desk.

Stay Tuned for Updates from MSI @ CES 2023

We’ll launch and showcase several products at CES 2023, so make sure you follow us to find out what else MSI has in store. You can also check out our incredible range of MSI B760 motherboards that will be unveiled at CES!