Following the near-collapse of society due to overpopulation and environmental degradation, the world has entered a post-apocalyptic age where everyone is fighting to survive. Many dimensions are dangerous and completely uninhabitable. Hence, various organizations assembled specialized teams of warriors to search for and establish a front in dimensions that are rich in resource.

The Mecha Fighter Squad

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The squad has just established a garrison in a new, resource-rich dimension. However, they find themselves under attack when a new dimensional rift opens nearby, letting out a flood of hostile insectoid beasts. Operate quickly pinpoints an enemy rift emitter in a nearby location. The squad must work together, using their specialized abilities in tandem, in order to defend the base, break through the enemy lines, and destroy the emitter before the garrison is overrun and the enemy floods into our home dimension.

Mecha Optix

SPEED: ★★★

Optix is a machine intelligence that was designed to present clear imaging for the Fighter Squad. Not only was Optix able to clearly display the conditions of a battlefield, but it could perceive events in her immediate area up to hours ahead of time. Once the 'entities' discovered this, they were keen on capturing this machine for their own use.

With the most powerful monitor in known existence, the members of the team could gain perfect clarity of any battlefield so that no detail could escape their notice.
The Squad uses her powers to help the team plot their missions and guide ground forces in protecting our world until the squad could arrive.

The Eye in the Sky

Her battlefield clarity allows her to remain aware of what the entities are planning during the course of combat. Optix uses this ability to keep the team aware of the ever-changing ebb and flow of battle. Her specialty is defeating cloaking technology, scanning for enemy movement, and guiding her fellow warriors into battle. When a threat requires faster response time, she will pair up with members of the squad to supercharge their abilities.

MECHA Infinite

SPEED: ★★★★

Infinite is the official leader of the squad. He is undeniably the most level-headed member of the team and serves as an inspiring commander both on and off the battlefield.

Come with an adaptive Intelligence that allows him to interface with machines and information systems regardless of their origin. This has allowed him to take control of strange alien tech before it could harm civilians. He is also the wielder of the Rainbow Sword, a powerful artifact that is empowered by his trust and faith in his team.

The Humble Leader, The Caring Heart

Infinite is confident in his abilities. The burden of leadership weighs heavily on his shoulders and he won’t let down his team, his world, or see anyone he cares about come to harm. Sometimes his one-on-one excellence makes him picky when he’s observing the team individually as he expects the best from the MECHA.

This means that he is the only MECHA who has managed to step into the entities home dimension. He can bring Optix with him on these missions, but the strange physics of the enemy dimension is heavily draining, which has limited how far the pair can explore.

When Infinite is on the battlefield…The Champion Duelist

His artifact allows him an unparalleled role as a commander duelist. While he is able to fight large waves of foes like the rest of the squad, his specialty has always been engaging key targets and defeating them on his own. This interest in and preference for duels has made him a fan of fighting games and other 1v1 competitive events.

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MECHA Trident

SPEED: ★★★★★

What Trident lacks in Infinites power or Aegis' sturdiness, Trident more than makes up for with a speed and reaction time that surpasses the rest of the squad. Trident is headstrong and boastful. But he has earned every achievement he has made on the battlefield.

Trident acts as a soldier that could respond quickly to the changing role of a battle, as well as being uniquely suited to chases through the often crowded city streets and ruins that the entities sometimes attack.

The Final Thrust

Trident's speed is backed up by a variety of propulsions and emergency ignition systems that are all cooled by innovative cooling tech. This allows him to run faster than anyone else for far longer than any machine possibly could before his creation. This speed, combined with his namesake weapon, makes his thrusts particularly effective at piercing tough enemy shells that could resist the attacks of the rest of the squad.

When Trident is on the battlefield… Let's Get Moving Already!

Trident sometimes comes off as impatient. Some of the ground forces mistake this for being hasty, but the squad knows that Trident makes decisions quickly and already has several plans on how to get what he wants. He doesn’t let his small size get in the way of pulling his weight and often performs amazing feats that no one would ever expect of him. One of his proudest achievements is breaking a siege on his own while the enemy delayed the rest of the squad with waves of minions.

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SPEED: ★★★★

His chassis is triple plated with the strongest metals known to our world, making it that only the most pinpoint concentrated fire or annihilation class weaponry can even hope to dent him. He is in command of a power shield that can further empower his defenses, as well as project large domes of hard light that can lend his sturdiness to large areas. When Aegis connects with Optix, he can focus this shield into a powerful beam weapon, though Aegis prefers the more defensive role that his size allows.

The Old Soldier Never Forgets

Aegis has an encyclopedic knowledge of every battle he's ever been in and can project these memories onto Optix's screens when he has to illustrate a point. He also remembers the names and service records of every ground force soldier he's ever served with and he makes sure to honor the birthdays of the fallen every year, with gifts and videos sent to the families of those brave men and women.

When Aegis on the battlefield…Last one In, Last one Standing

Aegis is built from some of the most powerful and fast-running components on Earth, but being built like a mountain means he doesn’t see a reason to rush in most engagements. The veteran is simply the best and no enemy will ever defeat him. Because of his power shield, he often hangs back while the other team moves in then fills blind spots where his defense can do the most good.

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The squad is ready to fight!

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Weapon: Clear Sight in Battles
Power: Optix is the clairvoyant that observes the enemies and take the aim precisely.
Arena: ANY
  Name: AEGIS
Weapon: Electronic Power Shield
Power: Aegis provides the best protection to his teammates.
Arena: Battlefields
Weapon: Destructive Rainbow Lighting Sword
Power: He is the Leader. The team has managed to work so well together because of him.
Arena: Alien, Outer Space Fight
Weapon: Sharp Knife - Trident
Power: Quick and being sharp while fighting, very mobile and hard to pin down because of his small size.
Arena: Destroyed Sci-Fi City Fight

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