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Posted on March 17 2016

Have to say that MSI starts to really grab everyone’s attention and begins to shine since 2015. Awards and positive product usage experience were given by both end-users and professional media editors and reviewers.

MSI is probably the first brand to go full gaming on all its product lines. It started to focus on the gaming market really early, long before other brands currently seen in the gaming industry. After years of dedication in this market, MSI now offers 5 different gaming series, from extreme gaming to performance and mainstream gaming, to satisfy different gaming needs (picture 1).

Picture 1. MSI Five Gaming Notebooks Series and Slogan


This year is the 30th anniversary of MSI (Micro-Star INT’L CO., LTD.). If this is the year to evaluate the performance of this brand in the gaming industry, it is no doubt to say that MSI really delivers a good transcript with full As. Not that we want to brag about it or anything, just to share this information with you so you can have a quick understanding of how MSI has been doing and how the world see the quality of MSI gaming notebooks.

At the beginning of this year, MSI received 2016 CES Innovation Awards for both its revolutionary new gaming tower, the Vortex, and the slimmest gaming notebook one can find in the market, the GS40 (picture 2).

Picture 2. 2016 CES Innovation Awards – MSI Vortex and GS40

MSI GT72 Dominator received the “Product of the Year 2015” Award. Readers of were asked to vote for best products from different categories including gaming laptops, regular laptops, monitors, OS, SSDs, TVs, smart phones and so on. The vote lasted two weeks in January and 35 products stood out among others according to the number of votes they won (picture 3).

Picture 3. Product of the Year Award by
Source: (08-Feb 2016) 

Readers of PCMag were invited to participate in the evaluation process of the Readers' Choice Awards. They were ask to provide at least 50 responses to rate their satisfactions with the product they use. MSI notebook gets honorable ratings from this evaluation, almost as high as Apple did (picture 4).
”If you're in the market for a gaming laptop, you should definitely give MSI a look”

“Readers using MSI laptops gave the company some very Apple-like ratings: Overall satisfaction was 9.1 and satisfaction with reliability was 9.0. The likelihood recommend MSI was 8.7”

Picture 4. Readers' Choice Awards 2016 by PCmag

Facebook fans of LDLC, a well-known etailer in France, were asked to vote for the product they want/prefer. MSI GE62 Apache Pro received the highest votes, even doubled than the competitors (picture 5).

Picture 5. Vote for the Product You Prefer by LDLC

Source: LDLC Facebook, Event organized by LDLC in November 2015 

The French media,, reviewed several gaming notebooks and rated MSI GT72S 6QF Dominator Pro G Dragon the best performance.

Picture 6. Product Performance Review by

LAPTOP Mag evaluated different brands based on 10 criteria. MSI was the only gaming brand got in top 5.

Picture 7. BEST Laptop Brands Award 2015 by LAPTOP Mag

Source: (March 2015)




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