Nahimic Sound Software

As a gamer, to have an immersive gaming experience, you require nice processor and graphics, high refresh rate panel, and also excellent sound technology. Nahimic is an audio software that boosts MSI gaming laptops to hear better during the games, music, or other scenarios. Recently, Nahimic refreshes several functions that make your sound experience upgrading into new level.

Here are some useful tips of Nahimic software in the following article.

1. Audio Equalizer and Smart Profile

Audio Equalizer and Smart Profile

Every profile features a full 10-band equalizer for precise control over every sound frequency. If you want a simple way to get started, just turn on Smart Profile. This feature will automatically detect if you're listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game. And it will apply all the settings that we just showed you. It will adjust equalizers, volume stabilizations and more. No matter what you're doing.

2. Surround Sound and Surround Personalization

Surround Sound and Surround Personalization

Nahimic takes a multichannel audio stream from your movie or your game, and then virtually mixes it and simulates a 3D audio experience towards your stereo headphones or your speakers.

Other laptops often provide one-size-fits-all Surround Sound, but that doesn't take into account that no two ears hear sound the same way. If you want to personalize your Surround Sound even more, here Nahimic offers five different presets to match the 3D audio to your ears.

3. Sound Tracker

Sound Tracker

Sound Tracker provides an on-screen visual to show where certain sounds are coming from. You can really hear how the different cues like gunshots or footsteps are visually shown on screen. And obviously, you would need to turn off Sound Tracker for any competitive gaming, but it's a great training tool if you're playing casually.

*Sound Tracker is available on selected game titles which show in compatible game list.

4. Sound Sharing

Sound Sharing

Sound Sharing allows you to connect two headsets at the same time. You can connect either Bluetooth, audio jack or USB, just as long as it connects to your MSI laptop.

Nahimic is an excellent audio software that provides outstanding sound effect and incredible virtual 7.1 surround sound. Now the latest Nahimic software is available on all MSI gaming laptops. For more information, visit the link below to know more about Nahimic software.

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