OLED display

MSI launched the latest Raider GE67 HX with the world’s 1st QHD 240Hz OLED display from Samsung. It is the true dream display for the gaming laptop due to it meets the balance among the top-notch picture quality, resolution, refresh rate, and extreme response time. Meanwhile, it is also certified with DisplayHDR 600 True Black, which levels up the premium visual experience for gamers.

However, there’s still some noise about the Burn-in phenomenon on OLED displays. ”Burn-in” is another name for permanent image retention, where a pattern gets stuck on the screen permanently. In fact, this physical characteristic was improved a lot by the latest process of Samsung, but many people still worry about that may happen to them.

"MSI OLED Care” to the Rescue
MSI understands the concern and provides a useful gadget: “OLED Care”. It is a friendly software that provides several care services and significantly reduces the chances of OLED screen aging. You can install it in the feature sets of MSI Center. This tool is only for Raider GE67 HX with OLED display and the version of MSI Center should be above


Here you can learn more about the Introduction of MSI OLED Care in the following article.

1. Display Saver
It lowers the display brightness or turns off the screen automatically by the time set, both behaviors can prolong the display lifetime.

Display Saver

2. Pixel Shift
The displayed pixels move slightly after a certain amount of time to avoid constantly showing static images. The shifting effect is barely visible and wouldn't affect usage.

Pixel Shift

3. Pixel Care
The displayed pixels will be refreshed by playing the colorful and variable-brightness video to avoid constantly showing static images. It runs a colorful video for 30 seconds to refresh each pixel of the display. You can stop the process freely when playing the video.

Pixel Care

4. Hide Task Bar
It hides the Windows taskbar automatically when the laptop is not in use to avoid constantly showing static images.

Hide Task Bar

5. Dark Mode
It could reduce the brightness of application windows and objects on the screen to prevent constantly showing static images with high brightness and also help reduce eye strain, especially in low light conditions.

Dark Mode

Here’re all the gadgets in MSI OLED Care, hope this article could help you know how to optimize and maintain the OLED display. If you are interested in the product with the world’s 1st QHD 240Hz OLED display from Samsung, you could learn more via the following link.