MSI’s quest to deliver an unparalleled computing experience to creative professionals and business users continues. Meet two products that do exactly this – unveiled at the MSI Product Launch 2021 –Tech Meets Aesthetics event. Each of these products has been painstakingly designed to offer both performance and stunning looks to elevate both a professional’s workflow and workspace.

MSI Summit MS321UP 32” 4K UHD IPS Monitor

When designing the Summit series of products, MSI focuses on caring about your workspace while equipping you with high-end, professional-grade hardware. The MSI Summit MS321UP 32” 4K IPS Monitor is the very FIRST monitor in the Summit lineup because it genuinely does belong up there.

MSI Summit MS321UP 32” 4K UHD IPS Monitor

A gorgeous32-inch 4K IPS panel ensures excellent viewing angles to show off your work to teammates during a huddle. It also gives you much-needed screen real estate to work with multiple applications effortlessly.

Not only does the Summit MS321UP feature a crisp IPS panel, but each of these 32-inch 4K monitors also come pre-calibrated with 95% DCI-P3 coverage and an astounding Delta-E of only <= 2! Delta-E (dE) quantifies the disparity between two colors on a screen, and you want this value to be as low as possible.

The monitor has some smarts built into it too. Its Smart Brightness functionality checks your ambient lighting and automatically adjusts brightness for optimal viewing comfort. Whether you’re working in a darker room at night or during the day, the monitor ensures that all content is easily visible. As a bonus, you no longer need to worry about turning on a monitor in a dark room and blinding yourself.

MSI’s Eye-Care technology also brings anti-flicker and low blue light capabilities to the Summit MS321UP – making it easier on your eyes, even during long work sessions. Add to this, the Array Microphone with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology is designed for crisp work calls at home or in the office.

Built-in KVM functionality enables the control of multiple systems with a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse using the USB ports on the monitor. Speaking of ports, a highly convenient Type-C port is built into the monitor to charge your devices right on your table without cluttering it. What’s more, it supports Type-C Display inputto give even your most modern device the connectivity it needs!

A sleek, fully adjustable monitor stand ties it all together, granting a sublime ergonomic experience,so you never compromise posture and comfort because of your monitor.

MSI Creator P50 Desktop

An out-of-the-box computing experience that delivers unmatched power and killer looks is critical for professionals who’d rather spend time creating rather than tinkering with PC parts. The MSI Creator P50 Desktop does just that. And it does it exceptionally well!

MSI Creator P50 Desktop

Sitting in a diminutive 4.72L slim chassis, this desktop PC packs in the latest, most powerful hardware on the market to bring unbridled power to professionals in a compact form factor. All you have to do is unpack it and turn it on. That’s it.

A unique diamond-cut pattern is the first thing you notice on its front panel. Not only does it lend a stunning aesthetic to the small desktop computer, but it also signifies the design ideal behind it –the polishing of a rough diamond into a beautiful gem. One that evokes envy from all who gaze into its depths.

Although the Creator P50 desktop might look small and slim, it packs in a hell of a punch when it comes to hardware and cooling. It offers the latest 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processors and the most powerful MSI GeForce RTX Graphics Cards on the market, so creative professionals needn’t compromise on the computing power available to them.

Cooling these powerful parts inside a small form factor case took some creativity. Each of the major components is housed in separate chambers to isolate heat dissipation from them. This allows for efficiently cooling each part without increasing noise levels in the process.

The Creator P50 Desktop’s thermal and computing performance will suffice to feature as one of the best computers for video editing and photo editing. In fact, it’ll handle intensive workstation tasks like working on CG and VFX or even rendering complex scenes with ease as well.

When it comes to connectivity, MSI hasn’t made any compromises. The desktop PC offers the latest Thunderbolt 4 ports to deliver a whopping 40Gb/sec transfer speeds to professionals. Moreover, the Creator P50 also boasts 2.5G LAN and Wi-Fi 6E to ensure that both your wired and wireless networking experience remain as fast as possible.

For creative professionals, a smooth workflow is paramount. To this end, the exclusive MSI Center allows you to optimize your workflow with AI features that learn from you. It helps you allocate additional compute resources to accelerate the performance of software that you use daily. You can also enjoy another smart features like photos and materials Tagging – allowing you to search for assets or photos easily and speeding up your workflow.

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