[Taipei, Taiwan] MSI noticed that gamers care about both performance and color. Therefore, MSI launched two Esports Gaming monitors last year: the MAG274QRF and the MAG74QRF-QD with Quantum Dots Technology. Both of them are popular among gamers and media. They have great colors and do well in gaming performance.

Tom’s HARDWARE: Widest Color Gamut Yet

Hardware Unboxed: Setting New Performance Records at 1440p 165Hz

Also, MSI noticed each gamer’s color preference may vary, so there is a new firmware update coming for more color options. MSI provides the following new preset modes for gamers to choose from.

Support Function

Adobe RGB
Display P3
Display P3

To use these new color functions we need to know what they are and what situation they're most suitable for.


sRGB is a kind of color standard created in 1996. Most of the content on the Internet is applied to sRGB and most cameras and printers support sRGB. sRGB Mode limits the gamut of the display within sRGB's color space. When you watch sRGB content such as youtube, the color will be natural looking.

Adobe RGB

Adobe RGB is created by Adobe. It has a wider color area than sRGB so it can express more color details. If you are a creator, the wider color area will be important to you. It can help you show more detailed colors, making the project visually perfect. Adobe RGB Mode limits the gamut of display within Adobe RGB color space.

Display P3

Display P3 is created by Apple. The color coverage includes sRGB and DCI-P3 gamut curves that can reveal spectacular images. DCI-P3 is defined by Digital Cinema Initiatives and it's suitable for video editing or viewing. The Display P3 has advantages that can bring an outstanding entertainment experience to you.

How to do Firmware Upadate through Gaming osd app 2.0 ?

• Set up monitor and system
Connect Type A to Type B cable to your monitor and system. The cable came with your monitor. Please look for it in the packaging.
(Type A to system, Type B to monitor)
Note: To ensure a successful update, we suggest connecting the Type A on MB USB ports. Don't do anything when the firmware is updating and keep the screen turned on when the firmware is updating.
• Connect Display cable to monitor

Connect Display cable to monitor

After finishing up the setup and you can do Firmware Update through Gaming OSD app 2.0. For details of the updated tutorial profile and Firmware profile, please check the link down below.

After updating successfully, the screen will show a succeeded image.

firmware update

Open OSD and choose Professional – Pro Mode. You can see the options sRGB, Adobe RGB, and Display P3. You can also change the setting with the Gaming OSD app. When you turn on sRGB Mode, Adobe RGB Mode, and Display P3 Mode, you still can adjust brightness and color temperature.
(Demo on MAG274QRF-QD)

Display P3 Mode


- Forza 4

Forza 4

- Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

- Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

- Youtube Content

Youtube Content

As you can see, in sRGB Mode the pictures seem to look more natural. If you don’t pursue extreme colors, you can change to sRGB Mode to satisfy your visual experience. If you are a creator and you need a wide color space to make your works outstanding you can select Adobe RGB Mode to use a larger color space due to the wide color space of MAG274QRF-QD.

For more details about the benefit of Quantum Dots Technology:

To lay on entertainment for our users, MSI will continue to update the latest news. Please follow MSI officials and check the product pages for BIOS update.