Although gamers do need significant graphics and computing power to play the latest games, it often pales in comparison to the performance needed by content creators. However, products that specifically catered to the requirements of such professionals have remained woefully sparse in the past. To set this right, we're proud to introduce MSI's new segment - Prestige Series! From expansive motherboards to powerful PCs and ultra-wide monitors, if you're looking for raw power, this is it.

Although we'll be adding many more products to this series, we're kicking it off with these three – the Prestige PS341WU 5K2K Monitor, the Prestige P100 Desktop, and the Prestige X570 Creation Motherboard.

All these products are engineered to handle the intense computing performance, latest connectivity standards, and professional peripheral support that video editors / professionals usually need. Moreover, every Prestige product comes with the brand-new MSI Creator Center and Creator OSD – a software suite designed to enhance productivity and help you get the most out your hardware easily.

Do You Need a Prestige Product?

If your work relies on compute-heavy tasks like video editing, real-time creation and tweaking of 3D graphics, multitasking, photo editing, any design work or rendering, chances are, you'll need powerful hardware to keep up with you.

However, you can't just dump powerful hardware into parts that aren't designed to handle that kind of juice. In addition to issues like thermal throttling that will slow down your work, they're not likely to last too long under that kind of stress.

MSI's Prestige Series is designed to thrive in such an environment. They feature top-of-the-line solutions to keep your system running perfectly in long period of time; that deliver reliability without compromising on performance at all.

Prestige PS341WU: 5K2K 21:9 UWQHD Monitor

Featuring a whopping 5K2K ultra-wide resolution (5120 x 2160), this monitor is sure to make every detail on your screen pop. Moreover, with HDR 600 certification, a Nano IPS panel, and an astounding 98% DCI-P3 color gamut furthers its pedigree as a quality monitor that creators can use to work without worrying about either missing out on details or color accuracy.

True Color Technology

An IPS panel ensures that you never encounter color degradation at wide viewing angles. In fact, the Prestige PS341WU monitor features a Nano-IPS display – giving it the ability to display a much wider range of colors, even compared to the best IPS monitors out there.

The 5K resolution allows you to edit full 4K video and still have ample space for other tools as well as multitasking on your screen. A wider color gamut is essential for any color-sensitive work. Whether you're editing a video or adding the final touches to a 3D model, this monitor's 98% DCI-P3 color gamut will help you stay accurate. Compared to the standard sRGB color gamut scales used in the past, the DCI-P3 standard covers a much wider range of colors, giving you access to richer color tones than ever before.

Created with Details

Even the monitor itself is a work of art. A slim bezel-less design will add class to your workstation instantly. Sleek curves, a sturdy build, and a back panel that tries to emulate perfect asymmetry make this monitor a brazen attention-grabber in addition to a reliable display for professionals.
Prestige PS341WU
TYPE / Size
34" (86.36 cm)
Flat or Curvature
Panel Type
Nano IPS
Aspect Ratio
Brightness (nits)
Contrast Ratio
Signal Frequency
30 to 135KHz(H)
48 to 61Hz(V)
Refresh Rate
Response Time
HDMI (2.0) /DP(1.4) / USB type C/ Thunderbolt 3.0
View Angles
Surface Treatment
Display Colors
Power type
Built-in 85W
Power Input
100~240V, 50/60Hz
Adjustment (Tilt)
-5° ~ 15°
HDR Ready
TrueColor Technology

Prestige P100 Desktop: Small but Powerful

Powerful tasks need equally powerful hardware so you don't spend too much time waiting around. The Prestige P100 is one of the most feature-packed and powerful desktops we've ever made, and we've done it without compromising on either looks or performance! Don't be fooled by its diminutive size though, this thing packs a punch when it comes to hardware.

A 9th Generation Intel Core i9 9900K handles all your computing needs with blistering multi-thread and single thread performance. It is also equipped with an Nvidia RTX Graphics Card from MSI to make sure that you have access the latest graphics technologies like real-time ray tracing without losing out on graphics compute power.

The M.2 PCI-e SSDs guarantee zippy storage performance while the high-capacity HDD gives you more than enough space to store your data. It also features 1 Gigabit LAN for a lightning-fast networking experience and DDR4 Boost for an unmatched memory performance.

While exclusive Intel technologies like QuickSync allow for faster rendering and video production in software like Adobe Premier Pro, the 9900K's powerful cores give you access to the power needed to handle tasks like real-time rendering. This delightful blend of potent hardware is bound to generate heat, and thankfully, the Prestige P100 has it handled!

A unique chassis design helps dissipate heat efficiently. It consists of 3 independent chambers, each with its own thermal module, to ensure much lower temps than similarly-specced systems. The fact that we could achieve this in a chassis that looks classy and compact, is itself quite an engineering feat.

Unlike other pre-built systems, the Prestige P100 is fully-upgradable. We understand that as technology evolves, professionals need to keep up and use the latest hardware available. You can swap out components as and when you need, no sweat!


Although all MSI X570 motherboards are built to handle the blistering performance offered by AMD's next gen CPUs, the PRESTIGE X570 CREATION takes it a step further. Not only does this motherboard feature a host of premium features, it also looks drop-dead gorgeous. A classic black and silver color scheme lends a subtle class to this motherboard with a sleek design that will elevate your workstation almost immediately.

Latest Network Supported

Networking is critical for professionals and we have you covered. The PRESTIGE X570 CREATION is equipped with the latest networking standards in both wired and wireless technologies – Wi-Fi 6 and on-board 10 Gigabit Ethernet Support for incredible data transfer speed.

Total Thermal Solution

For maximizing multi-core processor performance, we had to outfit this motherboard with a host of various cooling solutions. The FROZR Heatsink design with a patented chipset cooling fan, extended heat-pipe, extended heatsink, and M.2 Shield FROZR all work in conjunction to deliver a more stable experience and protect your critical components from overheating. Our thermal design improvements have resulted in an over 10% improvement in operating temperatures.

Maximum Storage for Creators

Since the X570 CREATION is tailor-made for content creators, it is equipped with an unbelievable amount of peripheral support. You can use the provided 7x PCI-E slots, total 4x Lightning M.2 slots, (including 2 slots on M.2 XPANDER-Z GEN4), 6x SATA Ports, and up to 23x USB ports to ensure that you never have to compromise when it comes to peripheral connectivity.
Form Factor
Power Phases
CPU Power Connectors
2 x 8 pin
IR Digital PWM Power Design
DDR4 Boost
4533 MHz
DDR4 Steel Armor
Lightening Gen4 M.2 Slots
M.2 Shield FROZR
USB 3.2 Gen2
3(1Type A+2Type C)
USB 3.2 Gen1 / USB 2.0
PCIe Steel Armor
2-SLI / 3-CF
Network Solution
AQC107 10G SUPER LAN + Intel® 211AT Gigabit LAN
Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX200
Audio Boost 4
Mystic Light
16.8M Colors / 29 Effects
Pre-installed IO shielding
FROZR Heatsink Design
Extended Heat-pipe Design
Zero Frozr Technology
Creator Center
Other Special Accessory

MSI Creator Center and Creator OSD:

We designed MSI Creator Center and Creator OSD to make life easier for content creators and professionals who rely on efficient multitasking and optimized performance. Creator mode in the Creator Center optimizes your system for better performance in applications like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and Vegas Pro among many others. It will automatically tune settings for the best possible performance in professional applications.

A comprehensive system monitor gives you an eagle-eye view on everything in your system. From system temperatures to clock speeds and fan speeds, you can track your system’s performance with one click. Both MSI Creator Center and Creator OSD are aimed at making things easier for content creators. The OSD allows you to manage multiple color profiles, split windows, assign custom macros, and much more. Custom, pre-set profiles like Adobe RGB or sRGB give you access to the color space you need for all-round consistency. Simply select the profile you want to work with, and you're good to go! The color profile, response time, HDR, color temperature, and a multitude of other options are set automatically.

Of course, you can tweak these settings to make it your own and customize your workspace and display exactly the way you like it.