No more being alone. Multi-user VR experience is on the way.

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Classic scene of a VR experience is one person moving the controllers in the air with VR devices. They immerse themselves in the virtual world but how long can you be alone in that world? Human are social animals after all, the interaction with others should make everything more interesting. That’s the reason some start-ups are developing the multi-user VR experience. 
Tomáš ‘Frooxius’ Mariančík, the creator of the Sightline (one of the most accomplished VR experiences),develops an innovation which allows anyone to interact, collaborate inside a virtual environment synced through VR headset, phones and tablets. In the video below, 2 VR users collaborate to create their masterpiece. This innovation can also be used in various domains by sharing the creations that others can use to build specific object.

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“Project Alice”, led by a leading motion capture company “Noitom”, creates a multi-user reality experience, which highlights the power of social VR and mixed reality. More than the interaction between users, this project allows users to interact with real-life objects in virtual world. In one scene in this video, users interact with the chair, which is exists both in real life and virtual environment.

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Both of ideas target B2B market, but it’s impossible the gaming industry doesn’t perceive this trend. Some gaming start-ups are also developing multiplayer games based on similar concept: " target="_blank">

In ArtAnim’s project, with backpack PC and motion capture technology, multi-players are able to move freely in a space and interact with other players and real-life objects. Of course that ArtAnim isn’t the only company developing the multi-player game application, till today; some game applications are ready to bring VR to another level.
According to the developing ideas, the mobility of devices will be one of the key elements to have best multi-user VR experience. In this case, a VR Ready notebook is one of best solutions. In today’s PC hardware market, MSI is the only brand with VR ready notebooks certified both by HTC Vive and Intel. It’s no doubt they are the pioneer for PC hardware in VR industry.
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In near future, you might have a VR party at one friend’s home at Friday night when you would grab your VR devices and notebook to enjoy a fun night.
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