[Taipei, Taiwan] In September, MSI launched the first MEG Series monitor MEG381CQR Plus. Being MSI's largest gaming monitor, MEG381CQR Plus is equipped with 3840 X 1600 resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio to provide a wide visual for work or gaming. With 175Hz, 1ms response time, and G-SYNC ULTIMATE, it gives you a good gaming experience. Being a MEG Series monitor, it has GameSense and HMI(Human Machine Interface) features. GameSense not only tunes RGB lighting but also helps express the information in the games. HMI can help us interact with monitor and execute the function without opening tons of setting options in the system.

MEG381CQR Plus

Next, let’s introduce the HDR experience on the MEG381CQR Plus and how GameSense and HMI are used to enhance users' experience.


HDR is enabled to show more levels between brightness and darkness so that the images will have more vivid details. The MEG381CQR Plus is equipped with HDR600 and G-SYNC ULTIMATE. G-SYNC ULTIMATE takes on any game without tearing, stuttering, flickering, and provides gamers with low latency gameplay, lifelike HDR, and cinematic color.

However, to play HDR games, both the games and the monitors need to support HDR. Months ago, Microsoft claimed Windows 11 supports Auto HDR, which allows some games that previously did not support HDR to be played in HDR.

The picture below shows the effect of enabling HDR. The picture below shows the difference between HDR enabled and off. Due to HDR, the sky is brighter and the clouds have more details.

(Left:HDR Off, Right:HDR On)

Left:HDR Off, Right:HDR On


MEG381CQR Plus has a 38-inch display that can give you more vision to gamers. If your enemies are playing on 27-inch monitors with a 16:9 aspect ratio, you can detect your enemies before they see you. Although you have wide vision with a big display, you need to move your eyes or neck to watch the information on the screen like health, kills, ammo, etc. It takes time to get the information. When you glimpse at the corner of the screen, you may lose.


This is why MEG381CQR PLUS has GameSense. It allows users to customize the LED light and use color to show the information in the games. For instance, the left to right shows health, armor, ammo, money, and match kills in CS: GO. When you are playing, you can watch the color change to follow what’s going on in the games. The LED light is under the center of the screen for better visibility. GameSense is not only used in CS: GO, there are several applications that can be applied, including Discord, League Of Legends, Minecraft, etc.



Now we can easily get game information via GameSense. However, when some gamers are playing games, they also want to know the system performance of their PC. They may download some applications to monitor their system, but it is inconvenient and the system data showing on the screen interferes with the gaming experience. To solve this problem, the MEG381CQR Plus is equipped with HMI and a small panel. This allows the system information monitoring process to be more convenient and intuitive through the cooperation of Gaming Dial and a second monitor.


Via HMI, you can use it to monitor system information CPU temperature, GPU usage, pump speed, etc. Also, you can use HMI to control OSD settings including RGB lighting, Volume Adjustment, Create Shortcut, etc.

How to use HMI?

• To make HMI work, connect Type A to Type B cable to your monitor and system. The cable came with monitor. Please get it from your monitor box. (Type A to system, Type B to monitor)
• Install MSI Center

Once you set it up successfully, you can see MEG381CQR Plus in Gaming Gear.

How to use HMI

And click Optix MEG381CQR Plus Gaming Dial.
And click Optix MEG381CQR Plus Gaming Dial

Here you can choose what function you want to use via HMI.
Here you can choose what function you want to use via HMI

choose your favorite RGB sync
choose which data do you want to monitor

You can also create shortcuts, allowing you to open the monitor and use HMI to open applications you want.
You can also create shortcuts

MSI will continue to release updates and new products. Please follow MSI's official channels and check the product pages for BIOS updates.

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