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About Praveen Singh

" I, Praveen Singh, am a Wildlife film director and cameraman based in India. Over the last 15 years my films have aired across international channels like Discovery, National Geographic, PBS, NDR Germany. My films have won national and international awards, including being a finalist at Wildscreen, UK."

The Gaia People and ‘On The Brink’

" The Gaia People, a production company, is producing 'On the Brink' - a non-profit supported documentary film series to highlight wildlife in our country that is endangered, the threats they face and the people studying them and working to help conserve these species. Some of the species we have filmed include Gharial, Snow Leopard, Fishing Cat, Bengal Tiger, Red Panda, Bats, Hornbills, Indian Grey Wolf, Asian Elephant."

Challenges to 4K Video Editing

" MSI's support with the recently launched Creation Series Laptop for editing our films in 4K has been extraordinary. The Creation Series laptop has all the features and the technical specifications to meet the challenges of working with 4K video content. "

Inspiration from Wildlife and People Protecting the Wild

" As a child, I had the opportunity to travel to forests and see wild animals which embedded in me a love for the natural world. My inspiration to do wildlife films comes from not only the beautiful and extraordinary rich diversity of our wildlife, but from the people who work tirelessly to protect and conserve the habitats and wild animals found there in, whether they be forest guards working on the ground, or the wildlife biologists studying hornbills, snow leopards, fishing cat, etc. My hope is that by sharing their work through the films I make can inspire and motivate other people to join in, in conservation of the natural world, without which we would not survive."

MSI Is known for Its Gaming Laptops,
the Content Creation Series Laptops Change All This.

" The price point, the features, I think give content creators, visualizers and filmmakers the freedom to choose, to have a great tool in their kits, one that will allow them to focus on the important thing, and that is, storytelling."

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